Saturday, July 24, 2021
double standards at the olympics

Sexist double standards at the Olympics

Feminists have expressed their disgust over the uniforms women are made to wear for beach volleyball at this years Olympics in Rio. The women's beach volleyball...
usc the red pill

Feminists protest The Red Pill screening at University of Sydney

Feminists have protested outside The Red Pill movie screening at the University of Sydney (USU). It is believed that police have arrested one person...

Mark Latham: Hateful Clementine Ford for Australian of the year

Anti-Feminist Mark Latham does it again! This time with a satirical article of why you should vote for Clemetine Ford to be the next...
male victims

NSW to spend $13 mill on male victims of domestic violence

Finally some good news! The NSW government has just announced it will spend $13 million over 4 years to help male victims of domestic...
blokes advice founder

Blokes advice founder: ‘I didn’t let the feminists win’

Credit goes to Corrine Barraclough for this article: CONTROVERSIAL. That would probably be the best word to describe the Facebook page Blokes Advice, which amassed...
Feminists shut down blokes advice group

Blokes Advice owner ‘sickened’ by harassment

The secret Facebook group page containing nearly 200,000 men have been the centre of a continued smear campaign. Blokes advice member and leader Ian sims...
Feminism is over

Make Australia great again – Pauline Hanson for PM!

Feminists are scared, very scared. They know their days are numbered and a big change is coming. Trump winning the US presidential election has...

Victorian Government to brainwash students on male privilege

The Victorian government will introduce a mandatory feminist program to teach brainwash students about "male privilege". They will be teaching boys that masculinity is...

Feminism or victimism? Bashing men is not the answer

Another day, another great anti-feminist article published in the dailytelegraph. Yesterday we saw an article by Mark Latham "Hateful Clementine Ford for Australian of the...
Clementine Ford Unfuckable

Milo Yiannopoulos arrives in Australia, destroys Clementine Ford

Milo Yiannopoulos has arrived in Australia for his tour across the country. His first show kicked off in Adelaide, where he destroyed feminist Clementine...