Friday, June 11, 2021

Clementine Ford attacks founder of women’s shelter (Erin Pizzey)

In a spectacular case of irony, Clementine Ford has sunk to a new low after attacking the founder of the first women's shelter, 77 year...

Bad Girls Advice gets tradie from Blokes Advice fired over shower dildo pic

A Queensland tradie who shared a picture of a sex toy in a female client’s bathroom to a secret men’s Facebook group has been...
Feminist demands Trump assassination

Feminist demands Trump assassination, gets visit from Secret Service

A Kentucky woman got a “surprise” visit from Secret Service and was also fired from her job after publishing a call to assassinate President Trump. Heather Lowrey’s...

“Bad Girls Advice” group celebrates violence against men

The lovely ladies on bad girls advice are discussing all the things they have done to violently assault men. The responses are met with...
school regrets inviting clementine ford

Why you should never attack Clementine Ford

So recently I was thinking, why does Clementine Ford always play the victim? As you have probably all seen, she regularly shares screenshots of...

Cassie Jaye Triggers Feminists on Sunrise and The Project

Cassie Jaye is currently in Australia for the ICMI (International Conference on Men's Issues) conference on the Gold Coast. While in Australia, she was interviewed...

ABC bash men on Q&A and kick men off air for International Women’s Day

Feminist headquarters, also known as the ABC have sunk to a new low with their man bashing. Read on to see how your taxpayer...
Bad girls advice group removed

Bad Girls Advice engages in bestiality

Well it seems the Facebook group "Bad Girls Advice" has been getting a pretty bad rep lately. We have previously seen that the group encourages...

Clementine Ford refuses to apologise for bullying disabled man

Many people have been angry about Clementine Ford bullying a disabled man on Facebook. After the news went viral, many have demanded that she makes a public apology...
Feminists shut down blokes advice group

Feminists shut down blokes advice group

Facebook have taken down the 'blokes advice' group which had over 200,000 members. It is believed that Facebook caved into pressure from feminists to...