Saturday, June 12, 2021

Clementine Ford asks feminist to take down photo of her son

In a spectacular case of hypocrisy, Clementine Ford has asked a feminist to remove a photo of her son Frank on Twitter. So it would...
Sherele Moody Red Heart Campaign

Sherele Moody – One of Australia’s worst misandrists

Many of you may not have heard the name Sherele Moody before. Why? because she hides behind the cover of her page "The Red...
bad girls advice

Bad Girls Advice – Facebook Double Standards

Last year feminists created an online petition to shut down the Facebook group "Blokes Advice". Feminists claimed that some men posted photos of women that...
Clementine Ford's baby is a boy

Clementine Ford’s baby is a boy

Thanks to a reporter who let it slip, the mystery is over. Clementine Ford's baby is a boy. Apparently his name is "Frank". "Backstage her...
Feminists angry Facebook won't remove blokes advice page

Feminists angry Facebook won’t remove blokes advice group

Facebook have stated they will not be removing the secret group Blokes Advice. This is despite feminist group "The Red Heart Campaign" starting a petition with...
Clementine Ford is on facebook ban exemption list

Clementine Ford is on Facebook ban exemption list

For a long time I have suspected that a Facebook Admin has put Clementine Ford on a ban exemption list. In other words, she...

Clementine Ford tries to get another man fired

One of Clementine Ford's hobbies is to try and get men fired for things they say to her online. This time she tried to get...

Feminist sends men pics of her vagina to teach them a lesson

We all hear feminists whinging about creepy/disgusting men are for sending them unsolicited "dick pics". You have to wonder why, when its natural to...

Feminism is over thanks to Trump’s Victory

Feminism is over! That's right, the feminist era is now over thanks to Trump's victory. This is the day we have all been waiting for - an...
blokes advice founder

Blokes advice founder: ‘I didn’t let the feminists win’

Credit goes to Corrine Barraclough for this article: CONTROVERSIAL. That would probably be the best word to describe the Facebook page Blokes Advice, which amassed...