Clementine Ford has broken up with her partner


We have had reports from our fans that Clementine Ford has been spotted on various dating apps/sites. Upon further investigation, it appears as though Clementine Ford has broken up with Mario her partner Jesse, who is also the father of her son named Frank.

As she writes in her bio “Looking for someone willing to make my enemies also their enemies”. We all know that her enemies are men, so what does she mean? It means she’s looking for a feminist cuck who hates his own gender.

I’ve sensed there has been trouble in paradise for some time in the Ford household, as she has written articles and posted things on twitter about how unfair it is for mothers who raise a child. She goes on to say about how men rarely do any domestic chores or help with children at home, blah blah.

Clementine Ford has broken up with her partner

But it makes you wonder, was it her that ended it with him, or did Mario himself break it off? Perhaps he finally came to his senses and got tired of her constant nagging and whinging. If that’s the case, I don’t blame him.

But it seems Clementine Ford has been having a hard time with online dating. After all, what self respecting man would want to date a single mother feminist, who has hit the wall and hates men? Clementine Ford has suddenly found herself at the bottom of the dating pool and has even complained about the difficulty she’s facing on twitter.

Clementine Ford has broken up with her partner

But hey, at least she lives in the best possible place to find such a man – Brunswick, Melbourne. There are no shortages of soy boys, cucks, and simps in this highly feminist suburb. So if she can’t find a man in Brunswick that will take her, then she probably can’t find a man anywhere.

I can only imagine that she will grow even more bitter as many men reject her. She probably knows her dating chances are slim, which is why she’s lost weight and started wearing more makeup lately. Sorry Clem, you just can’t polish a turd no matter how hard you try. At the end of the day a turd is still a turd.