Dating Asian Ladies in Australia

dating asian ladies in australia

Many of you are wondering about dating Asian ladies in Australia. Unless you can’t travel and it’s your only option, don’t do it. Why? Because once Asian women move to Australia, they become just like Aussie women.

Competition & Inflated Ego

Firstly, Asian women in Australia have many many options for western men. They will constantly be approached in person, and get thousands of matches/messages on dating apps like Tinder. What happens then? They suddenly realise they are in demand and their ego is artificially inflated. In addition, they will only date the top 10% of men, just like Aussie women do. 

dating asian ladies in australia

Using Australian Law To Their Advantage

Asian women in Australia will soon realise that the law is on their side. If you say something they don’t like that they deem to be “harassment”, they will not hesitate in using the law against you. They could make up a false sexual allegation against you. In addition, they will use the advantage of the Australian Law when it comes to the family courts to take your house, your money, and your children if you were to marry them and get divorced. DO NOT GET MARRIED – ESPECIALLY IN AUSTRALIA!

dating asian ladies in australia

Becoming Westernised

After some time, Asian women will become westernised just like their Aussie women counterparts. That means they will become entitled, lazy, and let their physical standards go. Don’t expect them to act or dress feminine anymore. Soon enough they will drink and swear excessively just as Aussie women do. Before you know it, she’ll be sounding just like an Aussie woman – who wants that? 

dating asian ladies in australia

Dating Asian Ladies In Australia – The Solution

The best advice is simply don’t. But if you have no other choice and cannot live abroad, then I would suggest you get an Asian woman who is FOTB (Fresh Off The Boat). By this, I mean dating Asian ladies in Australia that haven’t lived there for longer than a few months. Try and get to her before other guys do and before she has a chance to realise the advantages she has with dating and the Australian law. You want to get to her before she becomes too westernised. 

If you managed to get one that is FOTB, then try and isolate her as much as possible from the outside world. Ideally, take her to live in the countryside, where temptation and competition from other guys will be significantly lower than in the cities. 

One of the best places for dating Asian ladies in Australia is smaller towns that have an international university. I hear Canberra is quite the hotspot for foreign students from Asia. You’ll have a lot less competition in Canberra than say Sydney or Melbourne. Again, try and get to these Asian women as soon they arrive or are FOTB. 

Dating Asian Ladies in Australia – Conclusion

Obviously, it is much better to move to Asia and date women there. You’ll get much better women who are still feminine, not entitled, and without inflated egos.  In Asia, you’ll be in the top 10% of men compared to the local men. Therefore you’ll get many many options, and much better quality women as well. We have talked about the advantages of dating foreign women before. 

However, if living abroad is not possible, then the second-best option is to find an Asian girl that is Fresh Off The Boat in Australia. You want to get to her before she has a chance to realise her value in the dating market and before she becomes too westernised. You’ll have better success in smaller towns with many international students such as Canberra. This is due to the lower levels of competition, and the fact that smaller towns usually have less levels of feminism compared to the cities.