Dating Ukraine Girls

dating ukraine girls

Ukraine girls are gold diggers. If there was an award for the world’s biggest gold diggers, Russian and Ukraine girls would come in a first place. Second place would be Colombian women, tied with Kenyan women.

Ukraine girls expect the man to pay for everything, and I mean everything. If you go on a date with a Ukrainian woman, she won’t even attempt to get out her purse. Instead, she will just stand there and wait for you to pay for her.

I asked several Ukrainie girls the following question about paying on a date. As you can see from her response, they always expect the man to pay. Of course, this is despite them working and earning money for themselves.

Ukraine girls

The best way to filter out gold diggers in Ukraine is to ask them out on a date for a walk in the park. If they refuse, it means they are definitely a gold digger. See the example below:

Ukraine girls

On tinder, you will come across many profiles such as these. At least they make it very obvious that they are only after holidays and money!

Ukraine girls



Ukraine girls

Ukraine girls are very keen to get married and flee their country to live in the west. I personally couldn’t understand why because Ukraine really wasn’t such a bad country – in fact, it is a second-world country. It is much more developed than say, Colombia or the Philippines.

If you happen to marry a Ukraine girl you’ll be paying her for the rest of your life. Even if she works and earns money, she will still expect you to pay for everything including – all living expenses and bills. She sees her money as hers only, and your money as “our money”. From what I understand it is the same case for Russian women.

Ukraine girls are also extremely sensitive about telling you their age. In fact, most will keep it a secret and get offended if you ask! But it is perfectly fine for them to ask your age.

Ukraine girls



Ukraine girls

I found Ukraine girls to be very cold, serious, and unaffectionate. They never joke around and they don’t understand sarcasm. They do come across as very uptight and you won’t see them smiling often. It is very hard to get them to say anything at first, they will just stand there in silence. Expect to be the only one talking for some time.

On the upside, Ukraine girls are probably the most beautiful women on earth. They dress extremely well and feminine, always wearing a dress with high heels, makeup, etc. But naturally, this comes at a price – you’ll be paying for everything. These women know their value, and this is why they can get away with it. To a Ukrainian woman, beauty is an investment to extract the most amount of money possible from the highest bidder.

Another upside to Ukraine girls is that they are probably the most intelligent women I’ve ever met. They are highly educated and very worldly. You can have a conversation about in-depth topics with them for hours.

There isn’t a great deal to see or do in Ukraine, so their main tourist attraction is the women. Even the taxi drivers would proudly remind me “welcome to Ukraine – you know we have the most beautiful girls in the world here!”. This explains why you only ever see male tourists in Ukraine.

You can forget about sex on the first, second, or even third date. These women will only put out once you’ve proven you can spend enough on them. Having said that, I did manage to get lucky with one Ukraine girl who wasn’t so conservative or gold-digging.

These women are very family-oriented and all of them want children. They want to stay at home housewives but expect you to be the provider as the man.

Competition here is fierce. Thousands of men from all corners of the world flock to Ukraine to find a wife. As a result, there are many speed dating agencies in Ukraine to find a wife. Throughout the hostels, I stayed in, every person was male and from a western country. As a result of this competition, the women are indeed quite picky. It is now difficult to even get a date here.

I didn’t have much luck with tinder here due to the level of competition. However, I found the site Ukrainian Date to be a better option. There is much less competition on this site than on tinder and it’s particularly good if you want to have a serious relationship. Use this link to sign up. I highly recommend getting the platinum option.

I’ve been told that Ukraine used to be a paradise for single men about 10+ years ago. But now there is just simply too much competition. Unfortunately, hordes of western guys have also ruined this place and made the women far too picky. So unless you’re really keen and up for a challenge, I’d give it a miss. At times I was extremely frustrated over the pickiness and high level of gold-digging.

If you want a warm, affectionate woman then you won’t find her here. You’re much better off going to Brazil or Colombia.

Attractiveness: 10/10

Friendliness: 1/10

Affectionate: 1/10

Intelligence: 10/10

Ease of sex: 1/10

Competition level: Extremely High

Gold digging level: Extremely High

Overall: 4.6/10