Friday, January 19, 2018
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Bill’s story : trying to get help as a male victim of violence

I'm sitting here with "Bill", who wants to tell his story, a story of violent attacks from "Jane" that took place over a 5+...

Further evidence that feminism is dying

Make them die even more by reducing their revenue. Always use when posting feminist sites on facebook, twitter, etc.  

Feminists take down yet another facebook page “Anti-Feminazi”

Feminists have got another page removed from facebook - this time "anti-feminazi". They had over 75 000 likes and had raised $1000 to help...
About us

Writers wanted

Hey everyone, I am searching for anyone who would be interested in writing anti-feminist articles for the site. We cover a broad range of...

13 ways to piss off a feminist  

“Rape culture” causes feminist protest at NSW university  

Sign this petition to fire Clementine Ford  

Dating is a no-win situation for men

Women still expect men to pay for dates

A survey found that more than two-fifths of women still expect men to pay on a date. The article mentions that even when most women...