Sunday, August 20, 2017
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“Rape culture” causes feminist protest at NSW university  

Sign this petition to fire Clementine Ford  

Dating is a no-win situation for men

Women still expect men to pay for dates

A survey found that more than two-fifths of women still expect men to pay on a date. The article mentions that even when most women...

$572 million to protect women (no mention of men)

The Victorian Government are spending $572 million of taxpayer money to protect women (not mention of men) from domestic violence. Part of the program...

Feminists get “sexist” KFC ad banned

Feminists managed to get this KFC ad banned only 1 hour after it was released.  

Feminists vandalise suburban park in Melbourne

Feminists from a hate group @AngrySheilas ( have vandalised a suburban park in Melbourne with hate speech such as "our blood on men's hand's"...

THE GENDER PAY GAP : WHAT DOES “SIGNIFICANT” MEAN? Suomy looks at what exactly is a "significant" gender pay gap. Clip from The Drum, featuring Simon Brehany and Dee Madigan, aired Tuesday April 5th

Female only car parks now in Perth

I can't believe this... Feminists want equality yet at the same time want special treatment. Yet another example that feminism is only about female...