Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Feminists vandalise suburban park in Melbourne

Feminists from a hate group @AngrySheilas ( have vandalised a suburban park in Melbourne with hate speech such as "our blood on men's hand's"...

THE GENDER PAY GAP : WHAT DOES “SIGNIFICANT” MEAN? Suomy looks at what exactly is a "significant" gender pay gap. Clip from The Drum, featuring Simon Brehany and Dee Madigan, aired Tuesday April 5th

Female only car parks now in Perth

I can't believe this... Feminists want equality yet at the same time want special treatment. Yet another example that feminism is only about female...

Facebook banning anti-feminist pages – UPDATE now also AVFM!

UPDATE: The facebook page AVFM has now been banned as well! Facebook have been throwing the ban hammer and banning several pages that are against...

Women get a taste of the equality they’ve always wanted

Female gets body slammed for a taste of equality

Clementine Ford is a hypocrite