About us


Anti-Feminism Australia was founded in 2013 as a closed Facebook group. It was then decided in 2014 to have a public page on Facebook to reach more people. Our popularity grew massively, where we peaked at 45 000 likes in 2016. Sadly, the Facebook page was shut down by Facebook after feminists had been mass reporting it. Many other anti-feminist pages suffered the same fate as Facebook increased their level of censorship against anti-feminism pages. Since then we have re-created the page with version 2.0, followed by 3.0 which were also both banned. Version 4.0 reached 70,000 fans before it was mass reported (mostly by Clementine Ford’s cronies) and removed. We are now on our 5th page. After 2.0 it was decided that we needed to start moving away from Facebook due to feminists taking over and the level of censorship. That’s when this news site was born.


  • To expose the double standards, hypocrisy, and misandry of feminism
  • To destroy feminism in Australia
  • To give men a voice without being silenced by feminists

Despite the claims from feminists, modern feminism has nothing to do with equality. The outdated dictionary definition states that feminism is about gender equality. However the actions of feminists repeatedly show us that this isn’t the case. Feminism is now a hate movement about self entitlement, misandry, and female supremacy. Many people are starting to realise this, which is why statistics show us that feminism is dying. Our goal is to accelerate the downfall of feminism by exposing the misandry, hypocrisy, and double standards of feminism.

We are NOT a hate group and we do NOT hate women. Women are welcome to participate on the site and our social media platforms. We have an increasingly number of women who are joining us, and we welcome them with open arms.

Where to find us

You can find us in our closed group on facebook