Friday, May 24, 2024

Clementine Ford Partner Breakup

We have had reports from our fans about the Clementine Ford partner breakup. Upon further investigation, it appears as though Clementine Ford has broken...

Why Aussie men face dating inequality

In gynocentric countries like Australia, men suffer what is known as "dating inequality". As any Aussie man will tell you, women have the upper...

Feminist sends men pics of her vagina to teach them a lesson

We all hear feminists whinging about creepy/disgusting men are for sending them unsolicited "dick pics". You have to wonder why, when its natural to...
Teach women to approach men

Teach women to approach men

I've always said the one issue that separates the real anti-feminist women from the fakes is the dating inequality issue. Women know the power they...

Why men lose the dating game

When it comes to the dating game, men have it infinitely harder than women. This is due to the self entitled, picky nature of...
The double standard of height vs weight

Height vs weight double standard

Unless you're in the top 10% of men, dating will always be difficult. However spare a thought for shorter men - dating is not only...
What happened to equality when paying on a date?

Feminists want equality, except when paying for dates

Most feminists still expect men to pay for them when out on a date.  This is despite them wanting "equality" and earning a wage...

Why aussie men should date foreign women

Aussie men should date foreign women, as 99.9% of Australian women are simply not worth dating. In our gynocentric culture, women are very self...

Woman abuses man after he refuses to have sex with her

A woman asks her date why he didn't want to have sex with her last night. She gets angry because she spent 2 hours...