Monday, March 27, 2023

Women still expect men to pay for dates

A survey found that more than two-fifths of women still expect men to pay on a date. The article mentions that even when most women...
vietnam girls

Dating Vietnam Girls

Vietnam girls are extremely conservative, rude, and picky. They are among the worst women in the world – almost as bad as western women. When...
philippine women

Dating Philippine Women

If you like Asian women then philippine women are the easiest women to date on the planet, period. Philippine women are also the sweetest...
dating ukraine girls

Dating Ukraine Girls

Ukraine girls are gold diggers. If there was an award for the world’s biggest gold diggers, Russian and Ukraine girls would come in a...
dating asian ladies in australia

Dating Asian Ladies in Australia

Many of you are wondering about dating Asian ladies in Australia. Unless you can't travel and it's your only option, don't do it. Why?...