Pauline Hanson For PM T-Shirts!

Pauline Hanson for PM T-Shirts

AFA are a big supporters of Pauline Hanson for good reason. Here are some of her policies:

  • Changes to the family law court system to make child custody and divorce laws fairer for men.
  • Reduce the suicide rates among Australian men.
  • Acknowledges that some women make frivolous DV complaints against men. Also wants to give support to male victims of DV.
  • If made prime minister, she also recently promised to introduce compulsory prenup agreements so that women can’t keep unfairly taking all the man’s money, assets, and even children.
  • Is against gender quotas for women and believes it should be the best person for the job!

You could say she is quite the Anti-Feminist! No wonder feminists hate her!

Her popularity is skyrocketing, and some say may be able to run for Prime Minister of Australia!

Let’s make it happen and show her our support! Make Australia great again – Pauline Hanson for PM! You can buy your T-Shirts to show your support at our online shop here.