Teach women to approach men

Teach women to approach men

I’ve always said the one issue that separates the real anti-feminist women from the fakes is the dating inequality issue.

Women know the power they have when it comes to sex and dating. This is exactly why feminists haven’t given it up in the name of true equality. This advantage is so great that even some anti-feminist women refuse to give up this privilege. Women know that they can pretty much get anything they want using their sexual power.

The majority of men feel invisible and are never given compliments. On the other hand most women constantly have their ego inflated from all the attention and compliments they receive. When it comes to dating, men are expected to approach women and make all the effort. Due to the pickiness of today’s women, men are rejected frequently which takes a toll on their self esteem. As a result of this men become lonely and depressed, which can often lead to suicide.

Many women will make excuses to try and justify not giving up this privilege. They will say things like “guys don’t even like it when women ask them out” which couldn’t be further from the truth. Surveys have shown that most guys love it when a woman approaches them for a date. Women simply don’t realise or understand how difficult men have it when it comes to dating. I urge all women to set up a fake male dating profile to see just how hard men have it. Also check out this experiment on Okcupid.

Feminists often complain about men getting angry when they are rejected. But who can fucking blame them? Women often reject men in the cruelest ways, especially online. The poor guy was probably just rejected for the 1000th time and snapped. I’m sure women would also get angry if they had to approach men only to be constantly rejected over and over.

It makes me laugh when I hear privileged women complain about being swamped with messages on dating sites. Comparatively, men are lucky if they receive any messages at all. When men initiate a message he’ll either get a very delayed response, or be ignored completely. If a man dares to question a woman why it took her so long to reply, he’ll hear things like “I don’t owe you a reply, I don’t owe you anything” etc. Women are so used to blocking/ignoring men online that it has become second nature to them. They feel no guilt or remorse for doing so, and they don’t give a shit.

Teach women to approach men

If women sign up to a dating site the least they can do is take the time to reply to all the messages, even if she isn’t interested. If they don’t have the time to do this, then they shouldn’t sign up to a dating site in the first place. They also owe men an honest answer as to why they aren’t interested.

So what is the solution? We should be teaching women to address this inequality and approach men. We should have classes in school that teach girls to approach men. Some women argue that men should make this change by sending fewer messages to women. But why should men be the ones to make the change when it’s women who are privileged in this area? Women should have corrected this inequality a long time ago when they got equal rights in everything else. Women need to take responsibility if they want true equality, not just cherry pick the things that benefit them. Therefore the onus is on women to address this issue to make dating easier for men.

So to the women reading this, if you want true equality then it’s time to give up some of the power you have when it comes to sex and dating. Start approaching men and asking them out, ask them for sex, make more effort in conversations, and offer to pay the bill. Like it or not, equality also applies to dating.




  1. “Women are so used to blocking/ignoring men online that it has become second nature to them. They feel no guilt or remorse for doing so, and they don’t give a shit.”

    I will go on each step further, they do it consciously, for many, it gives them a sense of control, they feel empowered by it, they do it to show these men the power they have over them (while crying “misogynist! Down with the patriarchy!”).

    My ex was just like this, I left her because of her controlling ways, when I pointed her abusiveness, she was quick to claim pointing it out was abusive, go figure.

    • Your exactly right. With women these days it is all about control. They are not interested in nice, polite, courteous gentlemen these days, they prefer men with a bastard approach. They want to turn a bastard man into a gentleman and by doing this it gives them a sense of power. They enjoy the challenge and when they don’t find it a challenge anymore, they decide to dump the man and move onto someone else.

  2. What a great article, made me think new ways what to say when people ask me why I haven’t got married. This game of dating made me feel depressed, sad and even I had suicide thoughts, until I decided to go my own way like many men I know in the internet. Now I’m out of all that shit and that yearning for women is not a problem anymore. I’m opting out and I’m happy for that. My future is to be alone, the future will be to achive money for myself, and I will die alone, no problem. I’ve seen the fate of my married friends and I don’t wish to get involve in such a nightmare. I think that as a man, with time and age I was finally capable of saying “farwell” to women, I only want to say thanks to those who rejected me.