Why aussie men should date foreign women


Aussie men should date foreign women, as 99.9% of Australian women are simply not worth dating. In our gynocentric culture, women are very self entitled, picky, uptight, bitchy, overweight/obese, and don’t know how to take care of a man. Feminism has made women like this in Australia and other western countries such as USA, Canada, and UK. For the average man, dating in Australia and other western countries is extremely difficult due to two main reasons:

  1. The self entitled picky nature of Aussie women who only consider dating the top 10% of men.
  2. Thirsty men or “manginas” who are desperate and will pander to the needs of women by doing anything for them.

Firstly, most Aussie women only ever consider dating a man who is in the top 10%, which means 90% of “average” guys will miss out. This top 10% of men are usually rich, tall, drive a luxury car, own a house, and have a muscular body. This is best illustrated in the image below: Why Aussie men should date foreign women This means that for the remaining 90% of “average” men, dating is extremely difficult in Australia. These days, even if you strike up a conversation with a woman on the street with “hello”, the first thing to often come out of her mouth will be “I have a boyfriend”, even if they don’t (because you’re not in the top 10%). Online dating is no better – most men are even lucky to get a response of any kind. In Australia, women only ever “date up”, while men are forced to “date down”. For example, an Aussie woman who might be a 6 would only ever consider dating a man who is an 8 or above. Why Aussie men should date foreign women Secondly, as a result of this difficulty, many men will end up doing anything to pander to the needs of women. Many of these men become “Manginas” and will go to great lengths in spoiling women, while getting nothing back in return. I could write much more on this subject alone, but I’ll keep it for another day. Today I want to focus on why men should stop wasting time with Aussie women and start dating foreign women instead.

After dating many Aussie women in my 20’s, I started to grow tired of the same shit over and over again. I would have to jump through many hoops to please them, while getting nothing back in return. As a man, I was expected to be the one to make all the effort, to approach them them in the first place, to keep a conversation going, to arrange all the dates, and to play along with their stupid mind games. As many men know, it is common for women to deliberately delay replying to a message and if you dare question them on it, they will get angry and say stuff like “It’s only been X days, I don’t owe you anything” blah blah.

Most women still expect men to pay for a date, despite the fact they want equality and are now earning money for themselves. On a number of occasions I dated Aussie women who would put me through a shit test by saying “shall we split this?” and pretend to reach for their purse. When I agreed to splitting it, I could often see the look of disgust on their face. You see, I was meant to say “no don’t be silly, I’ll get it” to pass their shit test. However, because I failed I never heard from them again.

I started thinking to myself “surely there has to be something better than this” and started doing research online. That is when I came across the site “Happier Abroad“. It wasn’t long before I realised that women weren’t like this all over the world. I read many personal stories of men who had been abroad, and how much better they were treated and respected by foreign women. The more I read, the more inspired I became, and the more I wanted to experience this for myself. At this point I decided I would never date an Aussie woman again, and started my quest on finding a foreign woman. I ended up moving to Europe and found a German girl. We were together for 7 years and lived in Europe. Followed this breakup I branched out further on the quest for a new foreign woman. I travelled all over South America, Eastern Europe, then finally south east Asia including, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.

I believe many Aussie men simply do not know what exists outside Australia, because they never had the chance to travel. They think that all women must be like the self entitled, picky women that we have here. Sadly, many Aussie men will never discover that there are better women out there unless they choose to travel. This is why I am urging all Aussie men to travel to see what’s out there. Trust me, once you date foreign women, you will never go back to Australian women ever again. Sure, there might be a few good Australian women, but as mentioned they are probably only 0.1% of the female population. Why spend so much time trying to find that 0.1%, when you can increase your odds drastically by traveling overseas to find a good woman? Imagine dating attractive, friendly, slim, feminine women who appreciate you and respect you as a man. These women don’t mind being approached, and may even approach you in some countries! Imagine dating being natural and straight forward, without having to jump through hoops or play their stupid games and shit tests. There are many benefits of dating foreign women, and more of them can be found here.

So now the question everyone has been waiting for, where are these good foreign women I speak of? If you are interested in Caucasian women, your best bets are: Eastern Europe, Russia, and Ukraine. If you like Latina women then Colombia and Brazil are both good options. If you like Asian women, then Thailand, the Philippines or Indonesia will be your best options. If you’re a man who likes Caucasian women and wants a family, then your best options are Eastern Europe, Russia or Ukraine. These women are much more family-oriented, but it comes at a price. They will expect you to pay for them on dates, but in return they will treat you like a king. These women are more traditional in the sense that they will stay home to look after your children, keep your house clean, cook great meals for you and your family, and make sure you’re always happy and looked after. However, in exchange, they do expect you to be the financial provider, so you have to be okay with that. This is especially the case with Russian and Ukrainian women, while Eastern European women are somewhere in between.

As long as you’re willing to be a financial provider, it is incredibly easy for an average, (or even below average) man to score an extremely attractive, young Russian/Ukrainian woman. Put it this way, a man who is a 3 would even have a chance with a Russian/Ukrainian woman who is a 10 – basically the total opposite of Australia.

If you’re a Caucasian man in Russia/Ukraine, you get to “date up” – and quite significantly. If you’re interested in Asian women and want a family, then your best options are the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. Similar to Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe, these women will also expect you to be the financial provider, but in return will treat you like a king.

I want to share with you the most inspirational story I found on Happier Abroad forums a few years ago. Unfortunately, the original post has since been deleted, but if you scroll down the the page you can read his story in a quote from user “polya”. Basically he says he felt like a God, which is similar to how Australian women feel on a daily basis in Australia. When he even arrived at the hotel, some girls spotted him and started knocking on the windows of his taxi, before he even got out!

Once I got to Davao, I took a taxi from the airport to my hotel and when I arrived there, 3 young girls were standing outside my hotel and once they saw me inside the taxi paying the driver, they started screaming and jumping up and down, waiving and knocking on the windows. Once I got out they were all over me, asking 20 questions, and inviting into the room they lived in the hotel. Once I checked in, I ended up spending most of the night with them and ordered pizza for us.

Imagine that! Being approached by beautiful girls, all desperate to talk to you! – this what Australian women must feel like on a daily basis! From what I’ve heard, Thailand is a similar story, and comes in second after the Philippines. Thailand is also great for men who only want sex (not a relationship), as it is cheap and plentiful. It is also a great place for men who want a relationship and family. Another man describes his experiences with Thai women in this article.

Before I spent several months in the land of smiles I thought that it was normal for women to behave like men, to make fun of their boyfriends in public and to not care about family values as long as the salary at their corporate job is sufficient to buy a new blazer every month.In Thailand I met girls who told me that the family is the most important thing for them, that they consider it normal to take care of their boyfriend and to make him happy. Words can’t describe the positive emotions that I felt when I first heard this. Words also can’t describe the shocked faces that I gazed upon, when I told them about the “family values” of some Western women. I cant’t say that all Western women are bad, but in general the grass on the other side really is greener.

Australian women know they are inferior to Asian women. They know that these women are slim, attractive, feminine, kind, and treat their man like a king. As a result, they are jealous of these women, because they don’t want to have to compete with them by changing their self-entitled ways or lowering their impossibly high standards. You’ve probably heard an Aussie woman comment when she sees an Aussie man with an Asian girl. Most of the time she will say things like “oh she only wants him for his money and visa” or “she must be a mail order bride or something”. Aussie women are angry whenever they see Aussie men with beautiful Asian girls, because they know that is one less man available for them. As more Aussie men date Asian women, more Aussie women will miss out. This anger is often observed in women who visit Thailand with their boyfriend:

You have only to look in the faces of Western couples who decided to spend their vacation in a city like Bangkok. He is busy gazing at all the slim and gorgeous Thai girls while he holds the hand of his obese western dragon. With eyes like daggers she signals to every beautiful girl who dares to make the slightest glance in her boyfriends direction that she will rip her eyes out should she venture any closer.

Why Aussie men should date foreign women So what happens when a single western woman moves to Asia? She suddenly feels invisible because no Asian men are interested in western women. Here is a story of a woman who moved to Japan. Not only does she say that she feels invisible and unattractive to Japanese men, she also gets ignored by western men in Japan who are more interested in the local Japanese women. Who can blame them? Why would any western man settle for a high maintenance, self entitled, unfeminine, bitchy western woman? Chances are they went to Asia to avoid these type of women from their home country. It gives me great pleasure to see these women feel unattractive and invisible because now they finally know what it’s like for the average man in Australia.

But it was hard not to feel jealous. Especially as I spent weekend after weekend, bravely facing the club’s dance floor alone while my dorky expat brothers expertly flirted for phone numbers and first dates. They were like kids in a candy store. The Japanese women were gourmet truffles, while the western women were the three-year-old tootsie rolls melted to the bottom of the barrel. The Japanese men might have been frightened of us but the other expat men just flat-out ignored us. But as I realized a few weeks into my stay in Japan, I was also mysteriously, frustratingly invisible… Most days I felt unattractive, unwanted and worst of all, unfemale. When not even a short skirt or slinky top attracted more than a passing glance and even construction workers, who could usually be counted on for a leer, regarded me with bored, blank expressions, I felt like a Martian. And very, very alone.

While living in Europe, I also read stories on forums from western women who moved to Germany. Many of them whinged about feeling invisible to German men, while also complaining that German men aren’t romantic enough and don’t pay for them on dates. Many of them said things like “Why aren’t any guys here interested in me?” and “Why aren’t they approaching me like they do back home?”. They quickly realised that if they wanted to date in Germany, they would have to start approaching men themselves, or remain single. Again, now they know what dating is like for the average Australian man who is forced to approach women or remain single.

In summary, I encourage all Australian men to travel and see how superior foreign women are to Aussie women. If you can’t afford to travel, then take advantage of our Asian women over here. Just make sure they are “fresh off the boat” (haven’t lived here for more than a year), otherwise they will start to become corrupted by feminism and our gynocentric culture. If you are interested in Caucasian women head to Eastern Europe, Ukraine, or Russia. If you like Asian women and want a family, head to the Philippines, Indonesia, or Thailand. Basically do your research and head to countries where you don’t hear Aussie women rave on about how handsome, romantic, charming, and attractive the men are. This means you should therefore avoid Western European countries such as Italy, France, Spain, and UK, as women generally talk about how much they love the men in these places. As you might expect, the men in these countries are known to approach women, give them compliments, and pander to their needs by putting them on a pedestal. These countries are bad places for single men, as women have the upper hand in dating (similar to Australia).

Remember, once you date foreign women, you will never go back to dating Aussie women ever again.




  1. I found and married a wonderful gal from Indonesia. 87% of Indonesians are Muslim, but mine is a Christian of Chinese descent.

    She treats me like I’m handsome (I’m above average), sexy, special, and she never plays games sexually, emotionally, or acts entitled.

    This article is SPOT ON.

  2. Hello there name Matthew Miller In live New Zealand I enjoy reading this article. Same thing happening New Zealand; when I do try to ask a woman either on date or for a coffee; they said to me “I got a boyfriend” even that not true; just to ward off my interest. Because the woman only want the top 10 percent of the man.
    I like the headline as well “Why aussie men should date foreign women” same reason why man in New Zealand should foreign women. For me I thinking about going overseas to date foreign woman.

  3. Comment from Germany here: I dated Albanian, Russian and German women and can basically support what you said. Some German girls get offended if you want to pay for them, they generally have a “I can support myself” attitude, but feminism is getting a hold here, so I do not know how long that keeps up.
    Albanian and Russian women are just as you described: Provide them, and they worship you. So basically: Good article, would read again.

  4. Women who have lived in Australia for an extended period of time are simply undateable by decent men. They are feminised and that means that they can not get along with a decent man.

    Once you realise what toxic women you are dealing with and how criminal the family law act is, then you know why there are so many single women now in Australia. The men simply do not want a bar of these toxic women and are looking overseas.

    After escaping being married to a fat, vulgar, and violent Aussie dragon for 10 years I decided to look abroad.
    I met my now Russian wife in Hong Kong and thanks to God I have a ” real woman” who loves, respects and cares for her husband to death!!

    Concluding remarks for Aussie women: Change your attitude, change your ways because you are quickly being outsourced!!!

  5. Wow spot on im sorta in the 10% bracket i do get asked out by aussie girls rarely im 200cm tall strong build but a gentle giant i hate how i have to balance looks as well as career since i do heavy lifting im pretty tired after work to jump thru hoops for aussie girls im from rural Victoria been in sydney half my life i still smile at girls say hi even tho i get death stares i nearly got murdered by my last GF got PTSD from domestic abuse police think i was the monster and try and lock me up bcos i have a penis lolyet i let her abuse me for 3 years and she wasnt aussie she was sri lanken every country has there demons so tread very carefully and think before dating overseas girls me im staying asexualy happy the 10% is giving up also goodluck women bcos of u there will be human extinction unless women rape men cor sperm lol alpha man out.

  6. In the comment above Francis writes: “The first husband/father/deadbeat wouldn’t work for more than 3 months so I went back to work as a researcher when my son was 3 and I supported my family. Not him supporting us! ”

    So according to her it is perfectly fine for her to drop her lucrative job for over 3 years and expect that to continue indefinitely. However when the father of the child wants to stay home and care for their 3 year old child for 3 months, then he is a “deadbeat” who “wouldn’t work”. Furthermore according to Francis the outrageous gall of this man expecting some kind of equality is indicative of Australian men in general and why women should avoid them and deliberately create a generation of fatherless children.

    I condemn this man for excluding Francis from the child’s life for 4 years. However there was clearly a pattern there, before and after marriage, where he feels it is necessary for him to care for this child and limit the time she spent with the child. No doubt, she used the colossal powers of the biased family court to force him to give up his son. It happens several times a day in Australia. Why should we think this case was any less biased against the father? No doubt he eventually reached a point where it was obviously futile to continue and simply walked away for his own sanity. I don’t blame him for that.

    And apparently Francis is bewildered as to why the only man she could from another lasting relationship with was a meth addict. Meth addicts are apparently also indicative of Australian men and not her poor choices in who Francis elects to marry. I mean everyone knows that the perfect Prince Charming / Mr Right has a meth addiction to deal with right?
    It must have been a real happy marriage for the perfect Prince Charming / Mr Right to turn to meth. Francis must be an absolute bundle of joy to live with. Right?

    Yet even when she writes this all down for the world to read, it still doesn’t occur to Francis why Aussie men (or any men) are interested in a serious relationship with her.

    I’m sure all the other men reading this are just as heartbroken as me to learn that she is out of the dating pool.

    She is so brainwashed by entitlement she finds it impossible for any self reflection.

    You go girl!
    And go and go…
    And just keep on going until you are out of sight please.

    • Lol vman. Lots I can say but one minor point that is easy to explain- I never used the ‘biased’ family court to ‘force my husband to return our son”. He was happy with the ransom money I paid and more than happy to not have him around. And my son was relieved to no longer be his father’s punching back. Well worth paying the ransom.

      As for all the other points you got so wrong, I just can’t be bothered wasting my breath to correct you. You’re not worth it.

      And I am so happy in my singledom to be independently owned and operated after 40 years of putting up with no hopers.

      Yep. Remember that poem, Invictus? I am captain of my own ship. Not a whinging loser like some in this thread. Stop blaming women and clean up your own house first (metaphorically speaking of course).

        • I’m happily married. I’m not blaming women. There are millions of great women out there. I’m just warning men that they should avoid WESTERN women. This is fir 2 reasons:
          1. 3rd wave feminism has turn the vast majority into entitled princesses unsuitable for a relationship.
          For example you can allow men to give other men hood advice about western women without trying to put them down and silence them.
          2. the laws are setup to screw the male over just for being a nice guy. In fact the nicer he is the more he will get screwed. Western women feel entitled to use these laws.

          Hence in summary marriage to a western woman from the man’s point of view has low rewards and extremely high risk. Not worth it.

  7. 100% agree. Spent early my 20s playing around chasing girls. Sooo much wasted time into an unfruitful endeavor. Always felt our woman were fucked up. The more I traveled I saw the small majority of what’s spread from the English empire. Usa Canada aust etc the woman have become garbage.. as soon as I went to eastern Europe. Asia. Sth America etc I was off them for ever. Australia has become my money ground. Work save and fuck off back to paradise where the grass is great and the girls minds r pretty…What’s scary for every man who does marry abroad and understand how bad our woman is…is the fact if war broke out. These aussie bitcheszz are who we’d be fighting for..be nice to hand them equal rights and a rifle n ship em off instead

  8. Great blog space. I wouldn’t piss on an Australian woman is she was on fire – self-centred, self-entitled moles. If you want to stay married for the rest of your life, don’t take an Aussie, Yank, UK, Kiwi women to be a wife. They don’t know what a wife is about. I am happily married to a Filipina – feminine, caring, loving, kind and compassionate with a independence. Go asian or eastern euro and you won’t look back.