Women against feminism


There is an increasing number of women who are against feminism, and feminists don’t like it one bit. A female anti-feminist is even worse than a male anti-feminist, because they are “rejecting the sisterhood”. Feminists claim that these women don’t understand what feminism is about. They often tell these women “if it weren’t for feminism, you wouldn’t have the right to vote, work, or attend university” etc. Yes but are these things still an issue today? Certainly not. Women have all the same rights as men do, plus even more.

It is modern third wave feminism that these women are rejecting, and rightly so. Despite feminists pointing to the dictionary definition, the actions of modern feminism prove it has nothing to do with equality. Rather, it has become a man hating movement that seeks female supremacy. Many women today are rejecting feminism for this very reason.

Thankfully, surveys have shown that only 1 in 5 women identify as a feminist, and it is believed this number is decreasing. It is these minorities which have the loudest voices, making it seem like that number is higher.

Here are some examples of women against feminism. Ever noticed how they are a lot more attractive than feminists who hold up signs saying “this is what a feminist looks like?”
Women against feminism


Women against feminism
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Women against feminism




  1. If you’re a man and you marry one of these “antifeminists”, good luck–these women being “anti-feminist” won’t stop them from divorcing you or taking half of everything you own.

    In other words, them being “anti feminist” won’t help you when two get divorced. All they’re trying to do is entice and seduce men back on the plantation.

    Just because a woman is anti feminist doesn’t mean that she automatically cares about and loves men.

    • Perhaps. But i’d rather date an anti-feminist woman than a feminist woman. Wouldn’t you? Feminists are typically “model-material”… like instead of them becoming fit and healthy, they create “fat shaming” as a term to excuse their obese diets.

    • Marriage should never be an option for western men regardless of who the woman says she is. What can a man get from getting married that he can’t get without being married? There is zero benefit for a man to be married, or let alone live with a chick at all. Let her pay her own bills and use her for what she’s meant for; s.e.x.

  2. Don’t be fooled. These women are still feminists. Egalitarianism is still feminism. Having a career is still feminism. Female voting is still feminism. Being a traditionalist means men help women because women are limited in what they can do.
    Even fake conservatives say the evils of third wave feminism, as if the first two waves are acceptable. If anything, the first wave is the worst of all because they grew up the correct way and rejected it. The third wave feminists don’t know any better because they grew up saturated with feminism. Just like people like to dismiss the millenial men as useless… not so. It is the WW1 & WW2 men that allowed feminism to fester that are pathetic.