Clementine Ford teaching your children


Are your children safe?

Misandrist Clementine Ford appears to be visiting local schools in Melbourne as a guest speaker. She is “teaching” students topics such as domestic violence against women, sexism, and the mythical wage gap.

From St Michael’s Grammar School website:

On July 14, St Michael’s Year 10 Health and Physical Education class had the privilege of being audience to Clementine Ford – one of Australia’s most prominent feminists and writers; fighting the culture of misogyny and violence against women among her most passionate platforms. Clementine’s presentation about challenging negative gender stereotypes kicked off the Term 3 focus on Respectful Relationships for the Year 10 cohort.

Ms Ford also reflected on topical issues including, the ABC’s Q&A ‘hysterical’ controversy, how she deals with online abuse, the lack of diverse leadership in Australian society and the prevalence of the gender pay gap. What struck a chord most with the students, however, was the research and data around violence against women. Ms Ford explained how one women is killed by a current or former intimate partner every week in Australia. ‘I knew about violence against women, but I didn’t know the statistics were that bad,’ said Scarlet Slipper (10B).

Does St Michael’s Grammar school know about the vile hate speech Clementine Ford spews online about men? Do they realise she says things like “kill all men”? Do the parents of these students know who Clementine Ford is? Do the boys at school know that she wants them dead? I feel as though the school and parents have a right to know this. If I were a parent, I certainly wouldn’t want my kids being taught lies and misogyny from this vile misandrist.

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Clementine Ford teaching your children