Clementine Ford bullies school boys after giving talk at school


Clementine Ford has been caught bullying 15 year old school boys on her twitter page after she gave a talk to them about “misogyny” at Aquinas College in Melbourne.

According to one student, she avoided any “challenging” questions by “bolting out of there like the road runner” as she was clearly intimidated by 15 year olds calling out her bullshit. Unable to win the argument, she cowardly went home to hide behind her keyboard and hurl insults at these children on twitter. What a “strong” woman she is!

If you are a parent of a student who attends Aquinas College, please contact them to let them know your disgust. Why did the school let such a man hating bigot give a talk to children in the first place?

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  1. Clementine Ford is an excellent representative for feminism. She uses hateful insults to shame even schoolboys who dare question her toxic narrative.
    She attempts to further brainwash kids with the tired ,old ideological rhetoric such as the long debunked wage gap myth.
    The indictment also rests with the school for paying for such a misandric bigot into the school to preach her feminist false stats.
    I’m proud of the courage the boys showed in contesting her for her longstanding BS and her sociopathic demeanour online.
    Look at how she reacts to anyone disagreeing with her. Ask who you’re not permitted to criticise………

  2. Well educated young boys, no doubt skilled in debating with well researched factual arguments. Ford rocks up who is used to having her say, unchallenged, especially at The Age and being the sexist she is, expects a bunch of spotty, horny boys without a set of brains between them. Easy pickings she thinks as she takes the cash handed to her by a feminist at the school. They fire question after question at her she can’t answer. She freaks out knowing that she is exposed as a fraud. Retreats to rant on Twitter like a child because smarter children called her out on her BS. Poor little victim.