Clementine Ford Vs Isaac Butterfield

Clementine Ford Vs Isaac Butterfield

Anti-Feminist YouTuber Isaac Butterfield has really hit a nerve with Clementine Ford (well done mate!). Clementine Ford was so triggered that she even did a special video response. So in this article I bring you the latest situation between Clementine Ford Vs Isaac Butterfield.

In the video below she rages against Isaac Butterfield and anyone who defended the 14 year old boy she recently doxxed.

First she goes on to say that boys should be held accountable for their actions and that he knew what he was doing blah blah. Fast forward to 9:10 where she starts to talk about Isaac Butterfield (but never mentioning his name). It seems Issac Butterfield has really got under her skin, even to the point where it has “affected her mental health”.

She continues:

One of the things that this man did, either organise for it or accept the footage from some of his young male fans – secretly filming me while I did a school talk then sending it to him so that he could use it on his online videos. This is a grown adult man who is colluding with children on the internet to produce misogynistic content. How is that not radicalising young men into violence?

Clementine Ford’s post on Facebook about Isaac Butterfield

Firstly, Isaac Butterfield probably wanted his fans to record evidence of Clementine Ford’s bullying and misandry speeches at schools.

Secondly, the hypocrisy of this is comical. What about all the misandry that Clementine Ford spews out, such telling girls to “kill all men“? Or how about the time she signed her book to a fan, saying “have you killed any men today? and if not, why not?“. Many of her fans are also 14 year old girls that listen to her every word of brainwashing.

She goes on to say that he did a video on this Instagram thot female pedophile Bethany Edgecombe aka “Blondie”.

In the middle of this video, out of no where for seemingly no reason, he did a Segway into discussion of my instagram account. Now I believe he prefaced it by saying like ‘lets talk about another instagram thot’. He went on to talk about how I was a whore, about how disgusting my body was, to ridicule the work that I do, but to specifically and maliciously and deliberately choose photos from my instagram account that made it look like I was Bethany Edgecombe, like I was the woman who young boys around the world could be relied on to seek nude photos from. …. I was suddenly receiving messages from men accusing me of being a pedophile, saying I needed to be thrown in jail, threatening violence against me because of my actions and young boys offering to send me nude photos.

You can see the amusing video Issac Butterfield making fun of Clementine Ford here at 1:50

Clementine Ford says that she now gets flooded with messages from young boys asking her for nudes. Hilarious. Isaac if you’re reading this – not sure if you plotted this deliberately, but if you did my hat goes off to you sir. Absolute genius! If Clementine Ford can dish out bullying young boys, she also take the bullying from them back.

In the rest of the video (23:00) she goes on ranting, saying how parents should be responsible for their kids, and that apparently a 14 year old boy is not a child. According to the law, any persons under the age of 18 are a minor, or indeed a child. But Clementine Ford refuses to acknowledge this in order to justify her abusive behaviour towards children online.

If you haven’t already seen it, here is a classic video about Clementine Ford’s hypocrisy and misandry by Isaac Butterfield.

It will be interesting to see Isaac Butterfield’s response to her video, watch this space! Keep up the good work Isaac, you’re really getting to her!