If we live in a PATRIARCHAL system, why are men the VICTIMS?

men are victims


If feminists were correct and we all truly lived in a world systematically favored towards men, why are we constantly on the losing end of the battle when it comes to some of the most of the important parts of living?

When 97% of combat deaths are men, 76% of homicide victims are men, 97% of industrial deaths are men, 80% of suicide victims are men, and only a mere 16% of men win custody over their own children. At what point do we check our male privilege and realise in the aftermath of everything, we aren’t so privileged after all.

men the victims

Why do men fill up the numbers in prisons if the our society was structured to benefit men?                                                                                                                                                When taking a look more closely into the daily imprisonment rates, 91.6% of those being convicted on a daily basis are men. But hold on, that would be the system isn’t favouring men? If the patriarchy exists, then why are these stats so alarming to men?

men the victims

If these men and women grew up in the same environment and possessed capabilities to commit the same crimes, why do we see such a diversity between the sexes? Perhaps it’s boys growing up without fathers as the family court systems are stacked against men. Or perhaps these boys and men aren’t able to express their masculinity due to feminised educational systems suppressing healthy natural instincts and boisterous activities thus resulting in negative behavioural problems in the future. It could even be because women receive shorter sentencing and are less likely to be convicted than men for the same crimes because judges are told to be more lenient when sentencing women.

Whatever the reason, men are the victims here and feminism is only making things dramatically worse.

When these men are screwed over by the patriarchal system that was supposed to protect them, and instead these men go to prison. It’s very unlikely they will have a place to stay once they get out and many of which are driven to the streets to add to the increasing growing toll of the male homeless epidemic.

men the victims

And what happens when these issues are spoken about? “Free speech” is quite often revoked or censored by the regressive leftist owned media.

men the victims


What about when these issues are spoken about in the physical world? Unfortunately not much of a difference happens either… These issues were being discussed at a men’s rights meeting promoted by A Voice For Men at the University of Toronto. Not long into the meeting, they were disrupted by hysterical feminist behaviour which involved pulling the fire alarm alerting firemen who had prepared for life and death matters; one of the culprits of this notoriously orchestrated plan was Chanty Binx, better known as “Big Red” who continues to play the victim to this very day.

men the victims

Big Red’s return can be viewed here in a YouTube video done by Rekt Feminist Videos.

Perhaps we’ll see a cultural shift in society that’ll help correct these unfortunate issues which overwhelming affect men, but we can’t say for sure due to the uncertainty of the future. But what i can say is, we are winning this fight!