Why you should never get marriage counselling


Paul Elam has an excellent video on why men should never get marriage counselling.

I agree with this 100%. Many years ago I was a victim in an abusive relationship. We made the mistake of going to see a relationship counsellor at “Relationships Australia. After the first 5 minutes I could already see the direction it was taking. It was clear that the counsellor immediately took the side of my emotional girlfriend. She put the blame on me for every issue and kept asking me “what can you do to change this”. Not once did she ask my girlfriend what she can change. This was despite me telling the counsellor that my girlfriend was often both verbally and physically abusive towards me. But no, apparently it was all my fault for triggering her violent behaviour. Needless to say, I didn’t go back after that session. The counsellor was so biased that even my girlfriend (reluctantly) agreed. As a man I was automatically the evil one, and the cause of all problems in the relationship.

The vast majority of relationship and marriage counsellors are feminists. Many of them have even done gender studies and are indoctrinated with feminist ideology. In other words they believe we live in a patriarchal society where women are the victims, no matter what. Here is an example of the feminist ideology they learn at university these days. Is it any surprise they are biased against men?

Why you should never get marriage counselling

When you see a “marriage/relationship” counsellor, you are basically paying a feminist to tell you what an evil man you are. You are solely responsible for the well-being of the relationship, and keeping your partner happy.

This is why Paul is spot on when he tells men “DON’T FUCKING DO IT”.