Mark Latham: Hateful Clementine Ford for Australian of the year


Anti-Feminist Mark Latham does it again! This time with a satirical article of why you should vote for Clemetine Ford to be the next Australian of the year. If you can’t access the article, a PDF version is available here.

“Our nominee also needs to be skilled in victimhood politics and the making of false sociological linkages such as the claim that ‘‘sexist’’ jokes at the footy cause men to race home to assault their partners.

I have a champion in mind, someone who can expose and conquer the bloodthirsty misogyny of the likes of Eddie McGuire and Sam Newman.

She’s the incomparable Clementine Ford, the leading Left-feminist writer on Fairfax websites.”

This is the second time the daily telegraph have published an antifeminist article in the last week. We hope this trend will continue, and other mainstream news sites will also start exposing the hypocrisy and evil of modern feminism.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy watching all the feminist tears about to come.