Pauline Hanson criticises feminism

Pauline Hanson criticises feminism

In this interview on ACA, Pauline Hanson is asked if she’s a feminist.

“You said once that you don’t see yourself as a feminist, is that still true?”

“Oh Yeah”

“Why not? What do you see feminism as?”

“I think these feminists have a problem with their own skin, with who they are… you know they gotta prove something.”

“You know, you have copped sexism, misogyny, you’ve been criticised over your political career for your wardrobe, the shape of your legs… I don’t think any feminist whether they agree with your politics or not would be happy to have seen what has been done to you because you’re female.”

“Oh yeah, where’s the feminists? When did they ever stand up for me? Everything that’s ever been thrown at me from the all the media and everything over the years, where where they Tracey? Not to be seen, I couldn’t care less what anyone says about this because I’ve got my own self esteem and self respect, I really don’t care.”

She then goes on to defend Trump.

Recently, Pauline Hanson also said that she doesn’t believe in gender quotas for women and that it should be the best person for the job.

If you are sick of feminism in this country and want it gone, remember to vote for one nation next election!

Pauline Hanson for PM!