Milo’s Aussie tour is met with violent protests from feminists

Milo's Aussie tour is met with violence protests from feminists

On his Australian tour, Milo’s first show kicked off in Adelaide, where he was met with feminist protesters.

Things only turned worse when he arrived for his show in the feminist capital of Australia – Melbourne. Hundreds of angry feminists protested outside before they quickly turned to violence. According to several reports, they were punching, kicking, and throwing rocks at Milo supporters and the police. One feminist even turned up wielding a blank of wood as a weapon. The situation turned so bad that police had to resort to using capsicum spray on the violent feminists.

One member of the Anti-Feminism Australia group recalled his experience in attending the show in Melbourne:

Yet feminists claim that Milo supporters are the intolerant and bigoted ones? Isn’t it funny how they remain silent when something like this happens?

Victorian Police have stated that Milo will be sent a bill of $50,000 to cover the cost of police resources needed for his show. How is Milo responsible for the violence of these feminists? Shouldn’t they be the ones billed for this? If it were a far-right group causing violence at a feminist event, you can be sure that all those responsible would be charged and made to pay the police bill.

Following this at his show in Sydney, a feminist in the audience threw at shoe at him while on stage. Milo kept the shoe and decided to auction it off to the audience, reaching $2100. The money raised from the shoe will be donated to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party! What a genius! I bet that feminist regrets throwing that shoe now!

No doubt this will piss off feminists big time. But you know what will piss them off even more? The fact that Milo has made it “cool” to be anti-feminist to a young generation, especially girls. At one of his shows, Milo managed to convert a 14 year old Aussie girl into an anti-feminist. You can just imagine how much feminists would be fuming over this!

Being gay and married to a black man, Milo challenges all anti-feminist stereotypes. Combined with humour, this makes him invincible to say whatever he likes and get away with it. No other straight white man would get away with saying things like “feminism is cancer”. This puts feminists in a difficult place, because they wouldn’t dare to criticise a gay man, especially one who is married to a black man.

Thanks Milo, you’re the best thing that has happened to Australia in a long time!