Proof women are also perverts

Proof women are also perverts

The dailymail have published a social experiment to show that men are perverts. In the video, a woman walks through a London Park in tiny shorts to see the reaction of men. As expected, the men all look at her. One man is even slapped by his girlfriend after he was caught looking at the woman. Perhaps the video is staged, but nevertheless it shows the double standard we have in society.

Feminists would have you believe that all men are dirty perverts, while women are completely innocent. The truth is that women are just as much perverted as men. The only difference is that most women have mastered the art of being subtle. This means it is simply harder to catch them in the act of perving.

It is human nature for both men and women to “perve” at the opposite sex. However thanks to feminism, men are now shamed for doing so. Today male sexuality is demonised – men can’t even look at a woman without being branded as a “creep” or a “pervert”. On the other hand, feminists praise female sexuality and encourage women to express their sexuality. See the double standard?

These experiments below are proof that women are just as perverted as men. Notice how some even take a photo of the man’s crotch (without their permission)? Why is this acceptable? When men are caught taking upskirt photos of women, they are usually arrested and charged. Yet these women have a free pass to take all the photos they want and no-one blinks an eye.