Blokes Advice owner ‘sickened’ by harassment

Feminists shut down blokes advice group

The secret Facebook group page containing nearly 200,000 men have been the centre of a continued smear campaign.
Blokes advice member and leader Ian sims says he “is sickened by the harassment” and slanderous accusations by various groups.

“People have taken small sections of posts mostly out of context, in order to further their own agenda,” Sims said.

“While there have been one or two people who have said vulgar and offensive things, they do not represent the majority.

“With any large group there will always be one or two bad apples, but they are not tolerated and have been removed.

“Blokes advice does not tolerate or endorse in anyway sexism, racism, homophobia or any form of violence against women.

“The group is dedicated to helping fellow men with issues, through humour and general life advice.”

The group mainly based in Brisbane has already raised over $20,000 in charitable donations.

Another blokes advice member who did not wish to be named for fear of reprisals said the group has actively helped numerous people.

“I’ve seen people get help with their anxiety, and help in dealing with financial issues,” the member said.

“The group has given many a sense of belonging, created new friendships and comradery between men not just in Brisbane but all over Australia.

“I’ve seen the group help out of work people get jobs and deal with family issues too.

“The page, despite what people on the outside think, isn’t full of rapists.

“99.9 per cent of us are just normal decent people from all walks of life, there’s lawyers, tradies, Uni students and even doctors in the group.”

Blokes advice has zero tolerance when it comes to sexual violence against women.

However it doesn’t deny that dark humour is present in the group, but the group says just because a topic is joked about does not mean it thinks it is acceptable in anyway.