Sunday, April 21, 2024
Fire Clementine Ford

New petition to fire Clementine Ford from Fairfax Media

Since the old petition has closed, its time to start a new one! Clementine Ford is the most infamous, man hating feminist in Australia. She...

The reason Clementine Ford became a feminist

Ever wondered why Clementine Ford became a feminist? Watch the video to find out!  

Reporting Misandry on Facebook

Feminists are known to use the reporting feature of Facebook to take down MRA and anti-feminist pages. This has gone on for several years...

Government to fund Clementine Ford for next man bashing book

Update: Petition created to withdraw the $4000 grant. Please sign here Clementine Ford has announced that she received a government grant to write her third...
Clementine Ford is on facebook ban exemption list

Clementine Ford is a hypocrite

clementine ford coronavirus

Clementine Ford Twitter “coronavirus isn’t killing men fast enough” [2020]

In the latest Clementine Ford Twitter rant, feminist writer Clementine Ford issued a rare apology for saying coronavirus 'isn't killing men fast enough' after...
clementine ford keeps grant

Clementine Ford to keep grant after misandric tweet

Misandrist Clementine Ford will not lose thousands of dollars in funding despite the firebrand feminist triggering a review into a grants program by tweeting...

Sign this petition to fire Clementine Ford