Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Reporting Misandry on Facebook

Feminists are known to use the reporting feature of Facebook to take down MRA and anti-feminist pages. This has gone on for several years...

Clementine Ford bullies school boys after giving talk at school

Clementine Ford has been caught bullying 15 year old school boys on her twitter page after she gave a talk to them about "misogyny"...
Clementine Ford doxxes 14 year old boy

Clementine Ford doxxes 14 year old boy

Clementine Ford is at it again, this time she doxxes a 14 year old boy. While I don't condone what he said, we have...
clementine ford coronavirus

Clementine Ford Twitter “coronavirus isn’t killing men fast enough” [2020]

In the latest Clementine Ford Twitter rant, feminist writer Clementine Ford issued a rare apology for saying coronavirus 'isn't killing men fast enough' after...

Milo exposes ‘damaged girl’ Clementine Ford

Today is the moment many of us have been waiting for - Milo has exposed Clementine Ford as being a "damaged girl" and a "professional provocateur"...
Clementine Ford is on facebook ban exemption list

Clementine Ford is on Facebook ban exemption list

For a long time I have suspected that a Facebook Admin has put Clementine Ford on a ban exemption list. In other words, she...

Clementine Ford Man Bashing Quotes

I have had many requests for Clementine Ford Man Bashing Quotes, as people want to show others what a man hating feminazi she is....
Fire Clementine Ford

New petition to fire Clementine Ford from Fairfax Media

Since the old petition has closed, its time to start a new one! Clementine Ford is the most infamous, man hating feminist in Australia. She...
Clementine Ford Vs Isaac Butterfield

Clementine Ford Vs Isaac Butterfield

Anti-Feminist YouTuber Isaac Butterfield has really hit a nerve with Clementine Ford (well done mate!). Clementine Ford was so triggered that she even did...
school regrets inviting clementine ford

Why you should never attack Clementine Ford

So recently I was thinking, why does Clementine Ford always play the victim? As you have probably all seen, she regularly shares screenshots of...