Monday, March 27, 2023

Has Clementine Ford been banned from Facebook? 

Many are wondering why Clementine Fords page is down from Facebook. Before you start celebrating, no she hasn't been banned unfortunately. It appears as though...
school regrets inviting clementine ford

School regrets inviting Clementine Ford to give speech

Aquinas College in Melbourne recently invited misandrist Clementine Ford to to give a speech on misogyny to grade 10 students. After her man bashing speech, Clementine...
Clementine Ford attacks fathers with daughters

Clementine Ford attacks fathers with daughters

Clementine Ford she has previously attacked school boys, pensioners, and even the disabled. So who's her latest target for doxxing? Fathers with daughters. Apparently fathers...
Clementine Ford's baby is a boy

Clementine Ford’s baby is a boy

Thanks to a reporter who let it slip, the mystery is over. Clementine Ford's baby is a boy. Apparently his name is "Frank". "Backstage her...
school regrets inviting clementine ford

Why you should never attack Clementine Ford

So recently I was thinking, why does Clementine Ford always play the victim? As you have probably all seen, she regularly shares screenshots of...

Clementine Ford bullies disabled man

Just when you thought she couldn't sink any lower, feminist Clementine Ford has bullied a mentally disabled man on Facebook. Clementine Ford shared this post on...

Clementine Ford attacks founder of women’s shelter (Erin Pizzey)

In a spectacular case of irony, Clementine Ford has sunk to a new low after attacking the founder of the first women's shelter, 77 year...
Fire Clementine Ford

New petition to fire Clementine Ford from Fairfax Media

Since the old petition has closed, its time to start a new one! Clementine Ford is the most infamous, man hating feminist in Australia. She...
Clementine Ford phone sex operator

Clementine Ford used to be a phone sex operator

Prior to making a "career" out of being a man hating feminist, Clementine Ford worked as a phone sex operator. It appears her motivation for...

Clementine Ford refuses to apologise for bullying disabled man

Many people have been angry about Clementine Ford bullying a disabled man on Facebook. After the news went viral, many have demanded that she makes a public apology...