Feminists want equality, except when paying for dates

What happened to equality when paying on a date?

Most feminists still expect men to pay for them when out on a date.  This is despite them wanting “equality” and earning a wage for themselves. We all know that feminism has nothing to do with equality, and this is another example which proves it. Feminists only want “equality” when it will benefit them.

Many men have had enough of being taken for a ride, and now refuse to pay for women on dates. Recently, there was a viral video of a woman asking a dating coach “At what point does the woman have to pay when they go out?”…. “You’re the gentleman here, you’re supposed to pay”. Watch how he totally destroys her in front of all the other women.


The dating inequality is most prevalent in Anglo-Saxon cultures such as Australia, USA, Canada, and the UK. In some European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, women no longer want or expect the man to pay for them on a date. The majority of women in Germany and Netherlands live up to their end of the bargain of true equality. In fact, most German women will actually insist on splitting the bill. I have read many stories on German expat forums where Anglo-Saxon women are disgusted at German men for not paying the bill on dates.

The ‘shit test’

Many women these days are so self entitled – they not only want the man to pay for a date, they expect it. In fact some women are so turned off by a man wanting to split the bill, that they’ll refuse to see him again if he doesn’t pay.

Most women are very subtle and sneaky about this – which is why they use the “shit test”. The “shit test” is basically the woman testing the guy to see if he will reject her fake offer to pay half. Often she will reach for her purse while saying “shall we split this?”. Most of the time she doesn’t have any intention to split the bill at all, she is just shit testing him. She then hopes the man will respond with something like “no don’t be silly, i’ll get this” – passing her shit test. If he fails her shit test by saying “sure, lets split it”, then she won’t see him again.

Most men aren’t even aware that women do this.  They then start to wonder why she stopped replying to his messages after a date. Being an egalitarian, I have always agreed or offered to split the bill when on a date. However in my earlier days of dating, I could never work out why the woman stopped talking to me after a date. It then started to click, it was because I accepted her offer to split the bill. I certainly don’t regret doing so, because it also means I dodged a bullet. If a woman expects a man to pay on a date, imagine what else she will expect him to pay for further down the track? A house, a car? God knows what else.

Take a look at this video, it’s a perfect example of self entitled women “shit testing” men on dates.


How feminists try to justify men paying

Many feminists will go to great lengths to try and justify the man paying for them on dates. Here are the main ones:


We’ve all heard it before – “I’m a traditional girl so I think the man should pay”. Historically this tradition only existed because very few women were in the workforce and therefore didn’t have any money. Today this certainly isn’t the case, as the majority of women are now in the workforce and earning a wage. Many women will try and play this “tradition” card to get out of paying their own way. You know what you should say to those women? Tell them you’re also a traditional man, so you want her to come back to your place and do your washing, cleaning, and any other chores.

The mythical wage gap

Feminists claim that men are paid more due to the mythical wage gap. They believe that women only make 77c (or whatever figure they make up at the time) for every dollar a man makes. We all know this is total bullshit, as it has been debunked many, many times by leading professors. As a result of this “gender wage gap”, they believe men should still be paying for dates until women are paid the same as men. Some feminists are even using an app known as “Equitable” to calculate how much they should pay based on the mythical wage gap. Feminists love the mythical wage gap, and this is another reason they won’t let it die.

Women spend more money getting ready for a date

Many feminists claim that they “have to” spend more money on clothes, makeup, and hair for a date. Isn’t this their choice though? No-one is forcing them to do this, and most guys probably wouldn’t even care. I thought feminists don’t like men judging them on their appearance anyway?

Whoever asks should pay

Now this one probably bothers me the most. How many times have you heard women say “whoever asks should pay”? Why do they say this? Because they know in the vast majority of cases, it is the man who will ask the woman out. Most of the women who say “whoever asks should pay” never, or rarely have intentions of asking a guy out. Therefore they are exploiting this rule, knowing fully well that it will be the man paying every time. The interesting thing about this rule is that they don’t apply it to dates with their girlfriends. Even if they are the ones to ask them out, they still expect them all to split the bill. The rule “whoever asks should pay” would only be fair if women were asking men out just as frequently as men ask women out.

In summary, there is no reason why women shouldn’t be splitting the bill, especially if they want true equality. At the very least you can take turns paying, as long as she’s willing to pay on the first date. Many women say they prefer to take turns paying, but still insist that he pays on the first date. Don’t fall for this, because she knows that if there isn’t a second date then she’s getting a free meal. Only agree to taking turns if she’s willing to pay for the first date. Finally, ALWAYS accept her shit test offer to split the bill. It might cost you another date with her, but at least you’ve dodged a bullet.