Thursday, February 29, 2024
Free Bleeding

Free Bleeding – A new feminist trend

Ever noticed how feminists seem to be obsessed with their periods? Many of them celebrate it by "free bleeding" while some even turn it...
female privilege

Female privilege checklist

Feminists seem to think men are privileged. But what about all that female privilege? In today's western culture, women have it much better than...

Women against feminism

There is an increasing number of women who are against feminism, and feminists don't like it one bit. A female anti-feminist is even worse...

Please Don’t Call Me a Woman, Ever!

When I was growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, the worst thing you could call me was anything feminine like bitch, girl or...

Why Feminists Hate Us So Much

You might be surprised to know this, but we anti-feminists are not overly popular or well liked in general within the mainstream of anything...

13 ways to piss off a feminist


Anti-Feminism Australia T-Shirts!

It's finally here! We are now selling Anti-Feminism Australia t-shirts and a few other anti-feminist tshirts. You can also buy merchandise such as mugs,...
Pauline Hanson for PM T-Shirts

Pauline Hanson For PM T-Shirts!

AFA are a big supporters of Pauline Hanson for good reason. Here are some of her policies: Changes to the family law court system to...

Feminist blames Pokemon Go for men “harassing” her

We all knew it was going to happen - a feminist is blaming Pokemon Go because more men are striking up conversations with her...
men are victims

If we live in a PATRIARCHAL system, why are men the VICTIMS?

  If feminists were correct and we all truly lived in a world systematically favored towards men, why are we constantly on the losing end...