Feminist ghostbusters is an epic failure 


The feminist version of ghostbusters has been an epic failure, as many report that theatres are empty.

It would seem feminists are the only people going to see this movie, so it’s no surprise theatres are empty when only one in five people identify as a feminist.

This comes after the trailer was the most disliked video in YouTube history. Despite this, feminists are still quick to defend the movie and blame it’s lack of success on sexism and misogyny. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that it’s just a shitty movie right? Of course not! Men are to blame!

To add to the damage, China have also banned the movie from being shown in their theatres.




  1. 45 million on their opening weekend though. They will still profit.
    The fact is, those who are seeing it are seeing it to prop up their politics. No matter how bad it is, they will still compliment the movie.

    • That 45 million dollar figure was a projection… and I don´t see how they will come even close to that figure in reality. The movie cost 135 million dollars just to film and get ready for release.

      • 135 mill to make… where is that figure?
        45 mill opening (OK it’s a projection)
        That was also only domestic…
        Through the world you’re looking about another 20 mill…
        Through the whole season you’re looking about double that figure…
        65 mill x 2 130 mill…
        Assuming these figures are correct and A LOT of guess work, DVD sales and other things (toys ect) the movie will break even/small profit…
        These figures also indicate that a sequel is highly unlikely.

        • Sorry Alitttle under double the first week is the projection over a whole season (it will probably shorten the season).
          This indicates the film will not profit.

  2. Did someone really think they could top Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd? The biggest reason I want to see it when it comes to video is to see what Sigourney Weaver’s role is…

  3. Even tho this movie is taking on water like the Titanic…Hollywood will continue to force feed movies like this until we inevitably tolerate it

    • Remember her how the vast majority of Super Sentai and Power Rangers villains were also female? That would’ve been a warning against precisely this!