Sexist double standards at the Olympics

double standards at the olympics

Feminists have expressed their disgust over the uniforms women are made to wear for beach volleyball at this years Olympics in Rio.

The women’s beach volleyball uniforms are tight fitting bikini’s, while the men’s uniforms are baggy tank tops and lose fitting shorts. Feminists claim this is sexually objectifying women, as they are being judged on their bodies instead of their athletic ability.

Sexist double standards at the Olympics Sexist double standards at the Olympics

At this year’s Olympics we have seen more male athletes being sexually objectified by women than ever before. So why do feminists think it’s acceptable to sexually objectify men at this year’s Olympics?

Sexist double standards at the Olympics

Feminists say it’s okay to sexually objectify men because “their economic and professional power isn’t reduced or threatened”. Apparently complaining about the sexual objectification of men today is “comical”, because men don’t have a history of “bodily oppression” behind them. So in other words, because some women were historically objectified, it is now fair game to objectify men. After all, feminists have always believed that two wrongs make a right.

Cosmopolitan magazine have showed us just how hypocritical feminists are when it comes to sexual objectification. On one hand they have mentioned that “men who objectify women are effing horrible”, and on the other hand they have posted an entire gallery showing “Olympic bulges that deserve gold”. Could you imagine the screams of sexism if we were to publish a photo gallery showing female athletes breasts or camel toes?

Sexist double standards at the Olympics

In response to criticism of hypocrisy, one feminist has gone so far to justify why it’s OK to objectify men’s bulges.

To malign male objectification as condescending and unfair while embracing the objectification of women is a problem. Athletes and performers’ bodies are their tools, so I’m not calling for everyone to suddenly stop judging them on their looks or physique. But it’s only fair that both sexes are objectified equally. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go Google “Michael Fassbender penis.”

Australian news site has also published close up photos showing the bulge of men’s genitals in tight clothing.

Sexist double standards at the Olympics

Now we like to think that we’re mature adults. We pay our taxes, hold down fulltime jobs and fill out the Census (just kidding! That’s impossible), but it’s difficult to look at that image without turning into a gutter-minded 15-year-old girl.

Again, can you imagine the outcry from feminists if they were to publish close up shots of women’s camel toes?

Still don’t think there is much sexual objectification of men at the Olympics? Here are some more links that prove otherwise.

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And just in case you still think women are more sexually objectified, watch this video of 40 something year old women rubbing their oily hands all over the chest of a young male athlete. He clearly looks very uncomfortable, but that doesn’t stop them.

Can you imagine what would happen if 40 year old men rubbed their hands all over the breasts of a young female athlete on live TV?

This is feminist hypocrisy at its finest.