Feminist media strikes again

Feminist media strikes again

Another day, another biased article from our leftist feminist media news.com.au. 

Today they did a story on the blokes advice Facebook group and we got a mention.

This came after someone by the name of Sean informed the courier mail of a sexist, violent hate group – Clementine Ford.


Instead of running the story about clementine ford and her vile hate speech, the courier mail decided to turn it into yet another man bashing story.


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Once again, the mainstream media has sided with feminists. We don’t know all the details of this situation, or if it even occurred in the first place. As we know, teenage boys often like to embellish the truth and make up stories about sexual experiences. Perhaps he was simply angry and venting for being cheated on?

How many times have we heard scorned women saying the horrible violent things they’d do to their boyfriends or husbands? Such abusive talk from women is often met with laughter and encouragment (“you go girl”). The media have been known to  glorify such stories, even when they happened to be real.

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It’s also not surprising that they didn’t mention any of Clementine Ford’s man bashing quotes. It’s difficult to understand how encouraging genocide (“kill all men”) could be taken out of context. So let’s get this straight, apparently encouraging genocide on all men is fine, but don’t you dare (joke?) talk about gangbanging. The men in this group claim it was a joke, just like Clementine Ford claims “kill all men” is a joke. The difference is that women get a free pass to say whatever vile hate speech they like about men.

When will our mainstream media stop being so biased and siding with feminism? It would seem that being a misandrist is a requirement for being hired as a “journalist” at places like news.com.au. An increasingly number of people (men and women) have been expressing their disgust with the constant man bashing in the media. The media know this, which is why they are now disabling comments on their sexist articles. But how long can they keep it up? The cracks are already starting to show and it won’t be much longer before the feminist empire comes crashing down.