Feminists take down AFA Facebook page with 70,000 fans


Feminists have taken down the Anti-Feminism Australia page on Facebook which had reached 70,000 fans. On the 28th of June, thousands of feminists from Clementine Ford’s page swarmed the Anti-Feminism Australia page and reported it to Facebook. Due to thousands of reports, Facebook first unpublished the page with an appeal message below:Feminists take down AFA Facebook pageAfter removing any remotely “triggering” posts and appealing, Facebook deleted the page at approximately 5:00pm on the 30th of June without any explanation for doing so. Shortly after, feminists responded:

Feminists take down AFA Facebook pageFeminists take down AFA Facebook pageHere are screenshots of feminists stating they mass reported the page:Feminists take down AFA Facebook pageFeminists take down AFA Facebook pageFeminists take down AFA Facebook pageFeminists take down AFA Facebook pageFeminists take down AFA Facebook page

What caused feminists to do this?

Feminists take down AFA Facebook pageOn the 25th of June, Clementine Ford announced that she will be releasing another one of her man hating books “Boys will be boys”. She also mentioned that this time it would be a “love letter” to her baby son Frank to teach him about toxic masculinity.

In addition to the announcement of her new book, someone had also revealed that Clementine Ford had written a message to a fan in her book “Fight Like a Girl” inciting terrorism. 

Understandably, the combination of these two things upset and angered people. Many said that she shouldn’t be allowed to spread any more vile anti-male hate speech and called for her publisher Allen & Unwin Books to cancel her contract. Shortly after, AFA started a petition urging Allen & Unwin Books to cancel her contract and advised people to leave a 1 star review on their page.

Feminists got “triggered” and angry over the petition to stop her book being published and all the 1 star reviews on her publisher’s site. They responded by mass reporting the Anti-Feminism Australia page in the thousands.

When Allen & Unwin commented on the matter, it was clear that they were man hating feminists themselves:

Feminists take down AFA Facebook page

So where to now?

Firstly, it goes without saying that Clementine Ford will pay the price for this. This is the fourth time that she has got our page removed from Facebook.

Facebook have once again shown their bias in allowing her to post vile hate speech against men, but never not allowing us post things that expose the truth of feminist hypocrisy and hate speech. Anti-Feminists and MRAs are constantly censored by Facebook, while feminists like Clementine Ford are free to post whatever vile anti-male hate speech they desire without consequence. It is no secret that Facebook Admins are feminists themselves, and it is believed that Clementine Ford is even friends with one of them.

Since Facebook have such a feminist bias, we have decided that we will no longer run a page. Instead, we will focus on our closed group which we have more control over. Feminists cannot see the posts within this group, making it a safer option.

We need your help

Our primary goal now is to get many members in the closed group. Please share this article far and wide, and invite all your anti-feminist/MRA friends into the closed group. People from all countries are now welcome. If you are an admin of a large anti-feminist/MRA group or page, please post this article on your page and tell people to join the closed group.

The URL for the closed group is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AntiFeminismAU/

Feminists seem to think they have won by silencing us for good. However each time this happens we get even bigger and stronger than before. When the page was banned in 2016, we had reached 45,000. This time we reached 70,000. Who knows what we will reach now with the closed group? The more people we get, the better the chance we have of smashing Clementine Ford and her feminist cronies into oblivion.

I look forward to seeing you all in our closed group in our mission to destroy this hateful ideology in Australia, and across the world.