Feminists take down yet another facebook page “Anti-Feminazi”

Feminists have got another page removed from facebook – this time “anti-feminazi”. They had over 75 000 likes and had raised $1000 to help a men’s resource facility.
Prior to being taken down, the page, which had over 75,000 likes, had raised over $1000 to help a men’s resource facility (In just 2 weeks). Perhaps that is what pissed the Feminists off. 
“Stupid shitlords trying to help men and shit”
We also got a mention:
About two weeks ago, Anti-Feminism Australia had their page removed by Facebook and never got it back even though they appealed the decision. A week earlier, the same thing had happened to another anti-feminist page named “Exposing Feminism”

The “Anti-Feminazi” page has been unpublished by facebook