Anti-Feminist Mark Latham’s Outsiders Show


Anti-Feminist Mark Latham was recently sacked from Sky News after he called a high school student gay. Tired of the political correctness and feminist bias in the media, Mark decided to start his own show on Facebook called “Mark Latham’s Outsiders“.

For those who don’t know who Mark Latham is, check out this clip from Sunrise where he destroys Feminist Van Badham (Friend of Clementine Ford).

You know how far down the rabbit hole the labor party has gone when their former leader and anti-feminist Mark Latham joins Liberal Democrats. Hopefully Mark will be able to make a real difference in destroying feminism in Australia. If only he managed to become PM all those years ago!

For those who haven’t yet seen his new show “Mark Latham’s Outsiders” please tune in on his Facebook page at 8pm on Wednesdays.

Here is a sample clip of guest Ben Fordham talking about how Clementine Ford defamed him! You can be sure the mainstream media with their feminist left bias would never show this!

If you are sick of feminism and political correctness in our country, please also help support Mark Latham’s show by buying a T-Shirt or Hoodie. $5 from each sale will be donated to Mark Latham’s Outsiders.