New anti-male $30m ad to stop DV against women


Another day, another sexist campaign against the males of Australia. Only this time young innocent boys are also targeted and shamed for their masculinity. If it wasn’t already enough to shame grown men into believing they are all women bashers, now they have decided to target young innocent boys. As expected, the ad only mentions males as the perpetrators and females as the victims, despite the fact that 1 in 3 victims of DV are male. It sends the message to parents and teachers to not let “boys be boys” in the school or playground. I fail to see how there is a connection between innocent boys pushing playfully, and a grown man violently attacking his female partner. What about girls? I’ve seen girls also pushing boys they like in the playground, yet this behaviour is completely acceptable. This ad also re-enforces the fact that it is acceptable (or even encouraged) for women to hit men.

Isn’t it convenient that there is an election in a few months? Clearly the government is trying to win more female votes with this campaign. As a male victim of domestic violence (from an ex girlfriend) I am utterly disgusted at this sexist ad. I urge you all to write to the government to complain, asking why domestic violence is again being made into a gendered issue.





  1. Digusting, misandrist and a waste of tax payer’s money. It should target all people to not use senseless violence against anyone. I urge everyone to deface this ad when you see it on a billboard or ring Advertising Standard to complain.