‘Our Watch’ group uses tax payer funding to push anti-male agenda

Our Watch

‘Our Watch’ is a feminist organisation that use Australian Taxpayer dollars to push their anti-male agenda. Their moto states “End Violence Against Women And Their Children”. Whenever challenged with statistics that one in three men will be the victims of domestic violence, comments are deleted and the person is banned.

We all know how much feminists love to censor opposing opinion, and Our Watch is no different. I have personally had all my Facebook accounts banned from their page just for stating facts about the male victims of domestic violence.

Here is an example of their anti-male bias they post on Facebook:

And more recently, this one in response to Corrine Barraclough’s article about blokes advice.

So why no mention of Bad Girls Advice group which celebrated violence against men and engaged in bestiality? The silence from Our Watch is deafening. It is clear that they are trying to push their anti-male agenda. When mentioning this double standard on their page, I was swiftly banned and my comment deleted. Many similar comments were made, which suddenly “disappeared” soon after.

It appears as though Our Watch is run by some of Australia’s worst man hating feminists, including Yassmin Abdel-Magied, David Morrison, and Rosie Battie. These feminists are PAID by the Australian Taxpayers to push their man hating narrative, while silencing those who oppose their hateful ideology.

So just how much money do these man haters receive from us, the tax payers? According to their annual report, a whopping $6.7 million in the last financial year!

Why are we allowing the funding of an anti-male organisation to push their one sided, biased feminist agenda? I demand that Our Watch be defunded immediately since they refuse to recognise male victims of DV and worse, censor those who point this out to them. Our Watch is an insult to all the male victims who have suffered domestic violence from the hands of violent women.

Enough is enough. Here at AFA we believe the Australian Taxpayers have a right to know that their hard earned tax payer dollars are being used to fund this anti-male, feminist organisation. Therefore, we will do our best to expose Our Watch far and wide to the public.

We ask you to help us out by doing the following:

  1. Sharing this article on Facebook far and wide with your friends.
  2. Report their posts and page to Facebook.
  3. Posting the link to this article all over the Our Watch Facebook Page in the comments section.
  4. Make a complaint to them
  5. Sign this petition to defund this man hating, feminist organisation.