School regrets inviting Clementine Ford to give speech

school regrets inviting clementine ford

Aquinas College in Melbourne recently invited misandrist Clementine Ford to to give a speech on misogyny to grade 10 students.

After her man bashing speech, Clementine Ford was “challenged” to questions by the students. It is believed that several students pointed out her hypocrisy and man bashing attitude. Intimated by the 15 year old students, Clementine Ford bolted out of the classroom and went home. Shortly after, she logged into her Twitter page to bully these students behind the safety of her keyboard. Such a coward.

Due to the massive backlash the school faced, the principal sent home a letter to all the parents of year 10 students.

school regrets inviting clementine ford

Although they have not mentioned anything about the anti-male bias, at least they will “reconsider” inviting feminist guest speakers such as Clementine Ford in the future.

We also believe that the feminist staff member responsible for inviting Clementine Ford should be fired immediately. If a male staff member invited a “misogynist” to give a talk to students about woman hating, you can bet he would be fired.

We can only hope that Aquinas College have learnt their lesson and will present these students with a non-feminist bias education in the future.

Let this be a warning to all schools (and universities) who consider inviting Clementine Ford to speak in the future. You will be publicly exposed for attempting to indoctrinate your students with her hateful anti-male ideology.




  1. Forty Two. I agree. They carefully worded that letter, avoiding any mention of the Feminazi hatred Ford spewed out on those students. Also, they caution the students from harassing Ford, but make fail to mention her Twitter tirade towards the boys.