Victorian Government to brainwash students on male privilege


The Victorian government will introduce a mandatory feminist program to teach brainwash students about “male privilege”. They will be teaching boys that masculinity is toxic, and that it encourages “control and dominance” over women. This program will be funded by taxpayers at a cost of $21.8 million.

The program will teach all men that they are evil rapists and woman bashers. These boys will grow up hating themselves just for being male. It will lower their self esteem and increase the suicide rate among men. Meanwhile, nothing will be taught to female students about female privilege, or how they shouldn’t assault men. Here is an extract from a recent article:

Victorian students will be taught about “male privilege” and how “masculinity” encourages “control and dominance” over women, as part of a mandatory new school subject aimed at combating family violence.

The Victorian government will push ahead with the rollout of its $21.8 million respectful relationships education program, despite claims the program fails to consider the multiple and complex drivers of family violence, ignores male victims and amounts to the brainwashing of children.

Evidence has emerged the program risks alienating men — by presenting all men as “bad” and all women as “victims” — a point highlighted in a report evaluating a pilot of the program in 19 schools last year.

On a recent episode of Q&A, a young man asked mangina Tim Watts (MP for Gellibrand) if he thinks there is a better egalitarian solution, instead of labelling all men as perpetrators and women as victims. He then asked the question “what about male victims?” which was ignored by Tim.

Tim responded to the young man with “two women are murdered a week in this country and what about me? what about men”? That’s right, because to feminists and manginas like Tim, the lives of men don’t matter – men are disposable. Feminists don’t care about how this program will lead to an increase in the male suicide rate. After all, feminists such as Clementine Ford have stated that they want to “kill all men“.

Clementine Ford was quick to shame these men with her usual sarcasm:


With feminist indoctrination being shoved down the throats of today’s children, you have to worry about the next generation to come. Not only will we see a rise in male suicides, we will also see the emasculation of men. These men will be brainwashed into believing that masculinity is evil and toxic.

I strongly suggest that anyone with kids writes a letter to their school asking for their child to be excluded from this feminist indoctrination. If such a request is denied by the school, then take your kids out of school and home school them instead.