Feminism or victimism? Bashing men is not the answer


Another day, another great anti-feminist article published in the dailytelegraph. Yesterday we saw an article by Mark Latham “Hateful Clementine Ford for Australian of the Year“. Today we are treated to another anti-feminist article by Corrine Barraclough “Feminism or victimism? Bashing men is not the answer” (if unable to access the article, please download the PDF here).

In her article, Barraclough writes that modern feminism is a greedy empire built on money making and playing the victim.

“A GREEDY empire has been built on enforcing the fictitious notion that men are evil perpetrators and women are innocent victims. It’s lazy, immoral, incorrect and unacceptable.” 

“Being a victim should neither be a lifestyle choice, nor basis for public policy. The myth that men are evil perpetrators and women are innocent victims is the weeping elephant in the room, blocking productive progress.”

“Why does this laborious, twisted notion persist? Money. Feminism is the scrounger that can’t get its thieving hands on precious power and delicious dollars fast enough. It profits from the weeping elephant while making no viable contribution, such as finding evidence-based solutions for domestic violence, as championed by Erin Pizzey.”

She also uses the infamous misandrist, Clementine Ford as an example of this:

Feminism or victimism

“When Clementine Ford tweets “Kill all men” she hopes men will respond so she can wave the victim card. We saw Van Badham play victim on Q & A beautifully. Bad men. Except, I’ve only had threats from women.”

As expected, Clementine Ford responded with her usual childish sarcasm, because she is incapable of an intelligent and rational argument:

clem corrine

It is great to see that others are seeing Clementine Ford for the fraud she is. As we’ve mentioned earlier, attacking Clementine Ford only makes her richer. Feminism and man bashing is big business, just ask White Ribbon Australia.

Its exciting to see that more people are speaking out against feminism in the mainstream media. The tide is starting to turn, and feminists know it. Like all other empires, feminism will fall – we are already starting to see the cracks.