Why you should never attack Clementine Ford

school regrets inviting clementine ford

So recently I was thinking, why does Clementine Ford always play the victim? As you have probably all seen, she regularly shares screenshots of “abuse” she receives on her facebook page. Here are some examples:

Abuseabuse example 2

Do you notice anything? Almost every screenshot of “abuse” she shares on her facebook page is from twitter. Hmm I wonder why that could be? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that she abuses men on twitter, would it?

clem new quotes

Bingo! You see I have worked out Clementine Ford. She uses her twitter account to abuse and troll men, hoping they will take the bait. When they finally take the bait and retaliate, she will selectively take screenshots of their “abuse” (leaving out hers naturally), and share them on her Facebook page. This makes her look like an innocent victim and re-enforces her narrative of all men being violent and abusive towards women.

As we all know, Facebook have a double standard when it comes to censorship and banning. Feminists like Clementine Ford can post whatever vile man bashing content they like without fear of being banned or censored. On the other hand, those who disagree with feminism are censored and banned. As you’ve probably seen, Clementine Ford is never banned for posting “abusive” quotes from men. However if you try and post the man hating quotes Clementine Ford has made, you will have the post removed, face a ban, and even have your page taken down. Facebook promptly removed these posts whenever we put them on our page “Anti-Feminism Australia”.

Clementine Ford knows of this double standard with Facebook, and she uses it to her advantage. She knows that she is protected by Facebook whenever she posts abusive quotes from men. She also knows that when these men retaliate with HER abusive screenshots, Facebook will promptly remove them. This results in her fans only ever seeing one side of the censorship, making her look like a victim. In addition, most of her fans aren’t even aware of her quotes such as “kill all men” on twitter. I have seen many feminists on her page claiming that “Clementine Ford has never said anything like kill all men”.

Clementine Ford used this “baiting” tactic to get students expelled from a school in Adelaide in June 2015. She did this by sending their school principal selective screenshots of their “abuse”.

clem gets students suspended

And if that wasn’t enough, she decided to take it a step further by getting a Sydney man fired for calling her a “slut” in December 2015. That’s right, she tracked down his employer and sent him/her a selective screenshot of where he called her a “slut” on Facebook. No doubt she had also trolled and baited him as well.

clem fires man

Both of these stunts got her the 15 minutes of fame in the media that she wanted. She wanted everyone to feel sorry for her as a victim of abuse. She knew the media would be all over such a story, thanks to our pro-feminist culture in Australia.

Why does Clementine Ford play the victim?


The answer is money. Our man bashing, feminist culture in Australia allows Clementine Ford to cash in from using male hate speech. Both men and women abuse Clementine Ford, yet she only ever shares the screenshots of abuse she receives from men. This is what her feminazi fans want to see, and it also fits in with her narrative of “all men are evil and abuse women”. Abusive quotes from men earn her money, abusive quotes from women don’t.

Why is she so keen on playing the victim? The answer is money.

So how is she cashing in? Not only has she written a book about her experiences of “abuse” from men, she is now also doing a stand up show in September called “hate male” at a pub in Melbourne known as “The Toff in Town”. At her show she will read out selective “abusive” messages to an audience of 580 feminists. The show was so popular that it sold out within the first week, and she has even mentioned that she’s thinking of doing a second show. Yeah I know, imagine if a man did a stand up show reading out all the abusive comments from feminists such as Clementine Ford. Firstly, no place would ever host him, and secondly no-one is interested in hearing about male victims of abuse.

clem ford show

So why shouldn’t you abuse Clementine Ford? Because every time someone abuses her, she gets money. By abusing her you are doing exactly what she wants you to do, helping her make money. This will only make her stay around longer and give her more platforms to voice her vile hate speech against men.

Clementine Ford’s business model is something like this:

  1. Abuse men on Twitter by saying sexist and vile hate speech such as “kill all men”
  2. Wait for them to take the bait
  3. When they retaliate, selectively take their screenshots and share on facebook page
  4. Claim the victim status
  5. Write articles, a book, or stand up show about how you’re a victim to these evil men
  6. ????
  7. Profit

So what should you do instead? You should try and ruin her credibility that she has with her fans. Expose her hypocrisy by posting screenshots of her abuse against men (there is a collection of them here, and also a video). Remember, many of her feminist fans aren’t aware of all the vile things she says to troll/bait men on twitter, so it’s your job to let them know. You can do this on her page, but she will always delete it to hide the truth. The best place to post them are places where her fans are but she has no control over, such as the event page for her stand up show. I already did this, but unfortunately The Toff in Town are also man hating feminists so they banned me from their event page. They also disabled all discussion for her event – sound familiar?

So remember, don’t abuse Clementine Ford if you want her gone. You will achieve a much better result from exposing her hypocrisy. The more fans she loses, the less money she makes. When the money all dries up, she will no longer put so many hours into “journalism” hate speech against men.





    • I married one like her…………. she tried to kill me and it was witnessed by another female and when the witness came forward to tell the police the RCMP told me that real men do not file abuse from a woman and they told the woman / the witness to run away !! to this day 9 long years it has shaken me to the core !!!!!!!!! this woman I married was from Bristol England and after 20 years together she got my oldest daughter to tell me our marriage was over and that kills me to this day and she ended up liking women and her words to me when she left was “THANKS for her GREEN CARD” !!!!!!! I was horriably used and sucked in so badly !!!! I can not tell you the pain this woman caused our complete family !!!!!!!! no words to explain the pain !!!!!!!!!!

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