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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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blokes advice founder

Blokes advice founder: ‘I didn’t let the feminists win’

Credit goes to Corrine Barraclough for this article: CONTROVERSIAL. That would probably be the best word to describe the Facebook page Blokes Advice, which amassed...

Clementine Ford bullies school boys after giving talk at school

Clementine Ford has been caught bullying 15 year old school boys on her twitter page after she gave a talk to them about "misogyny"...
Bad girls advice group removed

Bad Girls Advice engages in bestiality

Well it seems the Facebook group "Bad Girls Advice" has been getting a pretty bad rep lately. We have previously seen that the group encourages...
Pauline Hanson criticises feminism

Pauline Hanson criticises feminism

In this interview on ACA, Pauline Hanson is asked if she's a feminist. "You said once that you don't see yourself as a feminist, is...

Female pedestrian crossing lights to be installed throughout Victoria

In the feminist state of Victoria, a feminist group has announced that they will replace half of all pedestrian crossing lights throughout Victoria with...

ABC bash men on Q&A and kick men off air for International Women’s Day

Feminist headquarters, also known as the ABC have sunk to a new low with their man bashing. Read on to see how your taxpayer...

Bad Girls Advice gets tradie from Blokes Advice fired over shower dildo pic

A Queensland tradie who shared a picture of a sex toy in a female client’s bathroom to a secret men’s Facebook group has been...
Pauline Hanson for PM T-Shirts

Pauline Hanson For PM T-Shirts!

AFA are a big supporters of Pauline Hanson for good reason. Here are some of her policies: Changes to the family law court system to...

Anti-Feminism Australia T-Shirts!

It's finally here! We are now selling Anti-Feminism Australia t-shirts and a few other anti-feminist tshirts. You can also buy merchandise such as mugs,...

“Bad Girls Advice” group celebrates violence against men

The lovely ladies on bad girls advice are discussing all the things they have done to violently assault men. The responses are met with...