Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Feminist demands Trump assassination

Feminist demands Trump assassination, gets visit from Secret Service

A Kentucky woman got a “surprise” visit from Secret Service and was also fired from her job after publishing a call to assassinate President Trump. Heather Lowrey’s...

Aussie Skywriter triggers feminists

An Aussie Skywriter has triggered feminists at a Trump protest in Sydney. An anonymous group of Australian anti-feminists have paid $4,000 to have the word "Trump"...

Feminism is over thanks to Trump’s Victory

Feminism is over! That's right, the feminist era is now over thanks to Trump's victory. This is the day we have all been waiting for - an...
Clementine Ford's baby

Who is the father of Clementine Ford’s baby?

Update: Clementine Ford has now broken up with her partner. As everyone probably knows, Clementine Ford recently had a baby boy named Frank. However many keep asking the...
Clementine Ford attacks fathers with daughters

Clementine Ford attacks fathers with daughters

Clementine Ford she has previously attacked school boys, pensioners, and even the disabled. So who's her latest target for doxxing? Fathers with daughters. Apparently fathers...
bad girls advice

Bad Girls Advice – Facebook Double Standards

Last year feminists created an online petition to shut down the Facebook group "Blokes Advice". Feminists claimed that some men posted photos of women that...

Clementine Ford forced to apologise to Ben Fordham for defamation

Clementine Ford has finally been caught out in a case of defamation. She was forced to apologise to Ben Fordham after falsely accusing him...
Feminism is over

Make Australia great again – Pauline Hanson for PM!

Feminists are scared, very scared. They know their days are numbered and a big change is coming. Trump winning the US presidential election has...

Clementine Ford tries to get another man fired

One of Clementine Ford's hobbies is to try and get men fired for things they say to her online. This time she tried to get...

“The Red Pill” canned due to feminist petition

The Palace Cinemas in Melbourne have canned the movie "The Red Pill" after feminists created an online petition. The petition was started by "Susie Smith",...