ABC bash men on Q&A and kick men off air for International Women’s Day


Feminist headquarters, also known as the ABC have sunk to a new low with their man bashing. Read on to see how your taxpayer dollars are being used to provide a platform on TV for man bashing.

Q&A Misandry

Let’s start with Monday’s night episode of Q&A. The episode consisted of an all female panel (and mostly female audience) of feminists who did nothing but bash men for the entire hour. USA’s version of Clementine Ford – Lindy West (“writer” for Jezebel) also made a guest appearance.

ABC bash men

As the caption suggests, Lindy West is a “fat activist” who likes to discourage overweight and obese women from exercising in order to lose weight. She stated that “its not a moral imperative for people to be healthy“. You only need to take one look at her to see why she is a “fat activist”. For feminists like Lindy, it is simply easier to play the victim instead of dieting and exercise. After all, we all know how much feminists love to play the victim.

The rest of the show was nothing more than a good old man bashing fest on topics such as “rape culture”, “revenge porn”, and why women should go on strike from working. One feminist from Iceland – Thordis Elva, claims she was “raped” by her first boyfriend while she was completely wasted. The “rape” occurred in bed after he took her home from the school dance (she was 16 at the time). She talked about how this “rape” resulted in “physical injuries”. She admits that she didn’t realise it was rape until later on. Now I don’t know what happened for sure, but knowing feminists I wouldn’t be surprised if his version was like this:

“Earlier that day Thordis told me how much she was looking forward to our “special night” of “making love” (losing our virginity). Later at the school dance she drank too much and became completely wasted. I was also a little drunk, but not nearly as much as her. Being the caring boyfriend that I was, I decided to take her home so she could sleep it off. After putting her to bed, she started flirting and making sexually suggestive comments. I didn’t want her to lose her virginity while she was intoxicated, so I was reluctant to do anything. However she kept persisting with the flirting and telling me how much she “wanted me”. Eventually I gave in to her demands and we had unprotected sex. The next day we both felt awkward over the whole situation so we broke up. Eight years later I received a letter from her out of the blue. She claimed that she fell pregnant as a result of me raping her! Apparently I had also caused her “physical injuries”, and that she had suffered emotionally for eight years. I couldn’t work out why she would make such an accusation, but then it clicked. When she realised she was pregnant her parents must have been angry, so she told them it was from being raped! This way she could play the victim, putting all the blame on me. I’m furious that she managed to get away with such a lie for so long. I’m just lucky that I left Iceland and returned to Australia, otherwise I’d probably be still be in jail now for a crime I never committed.”

The panel also talked about women going on strike from work on International Women’s Day. Go ahead and strike you stupid feminists… all it means is that we won’t have to listen to misandrists like Lindy West and Clementine Ford saying about how much they hate and want to kill all men. Now imagine if men went on strike for not being appreciated or respected… there would be chaos and the world would come to a screeching halt. Maybe you feminists should start showing more appreciation for all the things men do, since you won’t do these things yourselves. As they say, feminism ends when chaos begins.

Later on in the show, feminist Mei Fong made fun of men who asked why men can’t be on the Q&A show that night. Her response was “yes, via castration”. While it was a joke, can you imagine the response from feminists if the genders were reversed? Imagine a panel and audience of men on International Men’s Day saying that women can only be in the audience if their breasts are cut off. Do you think feminists would be laughing?

Finally at the end of the show, one man actually does have a question but they conveniently ran out of time just before he could answer. They probably thought he would derail their man bashing fest by asking why men were excluded from the program.

The ABC to kick men off air on International Women’s Day

Meanwhile the feminist headquarters the ABC have announced that they will kick all male radio and TV hosts off air on International Women’s Day. Apparently this is to “celebrate the achievements” of its female talent. It is believed that the ABC will have a whole day dedicated to man bashing special content that “explores the need for change and gender equality”.

Will they also kick all female and TV hosts off air on International Men’s Day to celebrate the achievements of its male talent? Imagine the outcry of sexism from feminists if such a thing were to happen!

Want to put a stop to this?

If you are tired of your taxpayer dollars funding misandry and man bashing, please make a complaint to the ABC using this online form.