Clementine Ford is on Facebook ban exemption list

Clementine Ford is on facebook ban exemption list

For a long time I have suspected that a Facebook Admin has put Clementine Ford on a ban exemption list. In other words, she can never be banned no matter how many people report her page or posts.

Today that suspicion has been confirmed. Over the past week, many anti-feminists have been mass reporting her page and posts for hate speech. A few days ago some received reports that Facebook have removed her post (doxxing a man), but noticed that the post is still there. This has happened a few times over the past year.

Today many were excited when they received this message:

Clementine Ford is on a facebook ban exemption list

However, her page (and personal profile) still remains.

So what is going on here? The automated Facebook system thinks a post/page has been removed and automatically sends out this message to those who reported it. At this point normally the post or page would actually be removed, but in this case it isn’t due to an exemption.

In March 2016, Clementine Ford was banned for 30 days on Facebook after people reported many of her posts. The ban was lifted a few days later and she mentioned that this was done by a friend of hers who is a Facebook Admin.

We all know that Facebook is run by feminists with a strong bias. This explains why anti-feminist and MRA pages are constantly removed, while feminist hate pages go untouched. This means that Facebook support hate speech against men.

As Clementine Ford is on a ban exemption list, it means she can spew whatever hate speech she likes without ever getting banned. Meanwhile, anti-feminists and MRA’s continue to be censored with their pages removed.

Reporting Clementine Ford’s page or posts is now a waste of time. I’m sure she has known this all along, but has remained quiet because she wants everyone to continue wasting their time.

Instead of putting so much time and effort into reporting her page/posts, I suggest we get smarter and continue exposing her hatred. The only way she will ever be gone is if she removes her page herself. As we have mentioned before, do NOT send her abusive messages, as you will only contribute to her profit. This is what she wants, as she has built her business model around cashing in on victimisation.