Feminists angry Facebook won’t remove blokes advice group

Feminists angry Facebook won't remove blokes advice page

Facebook have stated they will not be removing the secret group Blokes Advice. This is despite feminist group “The Red Heart Campaign” starting a petition with over 11,000 signatures to close down the group. Facebook said that they removed controversial posts, but the group would remain as the majority of members were not involved in the “offensive” comments.

Being unsatisfied with the result, one feminist mother took her 12 year old son (a member of blokes advice) down to the police station to get “a kick in the ass by the child protection Senior Sergeant”.

Feminists angry Facebook won't remove blokes advice group

Other feminists are doxxing the owners of Blokes Advice, with one saying they need a “bullet to the head”.

Feminists angry Facebook won't remove blokes advice group Feminists angry Facebook won't remove blokes advice group

As we reported earlier, Ian Sims (owner of Blokes Advice group) was “sickened” by the harassment they received from feminists. Many feminists such as Clementine Ford, posted some selective screenshots, many of which were taken out of context. However they failed to post screenshots of men supporting each other with issues like depression. The group claims that they also raised over $26,000 for charity.

Since the petition was launched, Red Heart Campaign founder Sherele Moody said she has received numerous threats. Is she surprised? Once again feminists are trying to close down a men’s only space. Naturally you’re going to expect some backlash, especially against a group with 200,000 members. Feminists claim the issue is related to the “offensive posts” in question, but one has to wonder if this is purely the case. I personally believe it has more to do with the fact that feminists don’t want men to have their own spaces. Since the rise of feminism, we have seen feminists infiltrate all men only spaces. Men no longer have spaces to talk about topics of interest to men without a woman being offended. Meanwhile women’s only groups are to be seen everywhere, from gyms, to social groups (e.g. meetup.com), business groups, and more.

Feminists angry Facebook won't remove blokes advice group

I am pleasantly surprised that Facebook hasn’t sided with feminists in this case. And why should they? It’s a secret closed group for men – women shouldn’t be in there anyway. If Facebook won’t shut down the numerous women’s only groups filled with misandry, why should they close down Blokes Advice?

Finally a win for anti-feminists and anti-censorship.