Misogyny is now considered a hate crime


As you may have heard, misogyny is now considered a hate crime in the UK.

What constitutes “misogyny”?

“Nottinghamshire Police is recording incidents such as street harassment, verbal abuse, unwanted physical approaches and taking photographs without consent within the hate crime definition.

It also includes using mobile phones to send unwanted messages, unwanted sexual advances and ‘unwanted or uninvited physical or verbal contact or engagement’, possibly including wolf whistling.”

For those who don’t speak feminism, “street harassment” basically just means giving women compliments on the street. So in other words, it is now illegal to give women compliments. Compliments may be in the form of wolf whistling or just complimenting on her body e.g. “nice legs!” or “nice ass!”. What is so bad about having part of your body complimented on?

Many women will only consider compliments to be “harassment” if they find the man unattractive. These men are often referred to as “creeps”. You’ve probably heard women say things like “this creep kept following me around all night asking for my number”. However if she happens to find the man attractive then he’s considered “charming, charismatic, and confident”.

Once these women “hit the wall” in their 30’s, the harassment compliments start to slow down. Guess what happens then? The very same women who complained about “harassment” in their younger years now complain about feeling unwanted, invisible, and unattractive to men. In other words, now they know what it feels like to be the average man. Most of these women often end up depressed, saying things like “I wish I still got catcalls like when I was younger”.

Women responsible for making these laws bombarded with abuse

Misogyny is now considered a hate crime

The women responsible for making these laws have been bombarded with abuse. Is it any surprise though? If you help create yet another law against men, then you’d have to expect there to be some backlash. The majority of men are sick and tired of all the anti-male laws being pushed through parliament in recent years.

Take a look at these feminists in the photo. Most men would find them very unattractive, masculine, and butch looking. You can be almost certain that they never get any attention or compliments from men. So why did they help create these laws? Jealousy. Ever noticed how the majority of feminists are usually overweight and unattractive? This is how many women become feminists, just like Clementine Ford. Feminist logic: If i’m not getting hit on, no-one is getting hit on.

Misogyny is now considered a hate crime


A silver lining?

Perhaps there is a silver lining to these new laws. Why, you ask? Because it means fewer men will give women compliments or attention. If men will stop putting women up on a pedestal, the dating market value of women will decrease. Women will be forced to start approaching men, thus correcting the imbalance of the dating inequality against men.

I predict it will only be a matter of time before Australia also makes misogyny a hate crime. We can only hope that these laws will end up backfiring on these women by depriving them of the attention they once craved.