Thursday, April 15, 2021
vietnam girls

Dating Vietnam Girls

Vietnam girls are extremely conservative, rude, and picky. They are among the worst women in the world – almost as bad as western women. When...
stop man bashing

Dailytelgraph: Stop the man bashing. It’s time to fight back against feminism

Today I thought hell had frozen over when I read this article in the daily telegraph entitled Stop the man bashing. It’s time to...

The reason Clementine Ford became a feminist

Ever wondered why Clementine Ford became a feminist? Watch the video to find out!  

Women get a taste of the equality they’ve always wanted

What happened to equality when paying on a date?

Feminists want equality, except when paying for dates

Most feminists still expect men to pay for them when out on a date.  This is despite them wanting "equality" and earning a wage...

“Rape culture” causes feminist protest at NSW university


Cassie Jaye Triggers Feminists on Sunrise and The Project

Cassie Jaye is currently in Australia for the ICMI (International Conference on Men's Issues) conference on the Gold Coast. While in Australia, she was interviewed...
usc the red pill

Feminists protest The Red Pill screening at University of Sydney

Feminists have protested outside The Red Pill movie screening at the University of Sydney (USU). It is believed that police have arrested one person...

Man hits back woman on train

A woman on the train hits a guy cause his bag is touching her foot. No-one seems to care when she hits him, but when...
bad girls advice

Bad Girls Advice – Facebook Double Standards

Last year feminists created an online petition to shut down the Facebook group "Blokes Advice". Feminists claimed that some men posted photos of women that...