Teachers told to use gender neutral language


Teachers at the prestigious northwest Sydney school, Cheltenham Girls High School, have been asked to stop referring to students as “girls”, “ladies” and “women”, and use only gender-neutral language. It was suggested to teachers that by using such language they could be seen to be breaking the law and could be at risk of being sued by LGBTI students.

So what should they be called instead?

“Non-masculine humans?”

“Gender non-specific students?”

“Non-binary pupils?”

Teachers told to use only gender neutral language

Feminists are indoctrinating our schools with their man bashing and PC bullshit. Is it any surprise when they are accepting guest speakers such as misandrist Clementine Ford? What will happen once these students enter the real world? They will be so used to being wrapped in cotton wool and their “safe spaces” and won’t be able to deal with the slightest hint of criticism.

In other news today, another Sydney school, Elanora Heights Public School, has banned clapping. They claim that clapping could upset some students who may be sensitive to noise. What will these poor little snowflakes do when they have to be in noisy environments?

Many other Australian schools have also banned huggingsinging Christmas carols, celebrating Australia Day and singing the word “black” in the nursery rhyme “baa baa black sheep”. What is happening to Australia? We used to be one of the most politically incorrect nations on earth. Now we always have to filter what we say just in case some special snowflake is offended.

We need a prime minister with the balls to stop all this PC/feminist nonsense and bring back some good old fashioned common sense. My vote would go to Mark Latham – I’m sure he would clean up all the misandry and PC nonsense in this country!




  1. This is legal terrorism. If the LGBT alphabet soup want “safe schools”, they need to make it safe for both STRAIGHT and GAY students/teachers. Threatening to sue a teacher on the basis of them “misgendering” a student is a legal slippery slope. What if the teacher accidentally misgenders them or, addresses them as Mr. when they’re Ms. or vice versa? Yet another terror act by the Gaystapo.