White Ribbon Australia attacks Erin Pizzey


As some of you probably remember, A Voice For Men started the site http://whiteribbon.org in December 2014. Unlike the Australian White Ribbon, this site also helps male victims of domestic violence. As expected, feminists were angry over people being mistakenly led to this “misogynist” site instead of the Australian White Ribbon site. That’s right, they were angry because AVFM’s White Ribbon site also helps male victims of domestic violence. Many feminists claim that by helping male victims of domestic violence, the focus is taken away from helping female victims. This is despite the fact that one in three victims of domestic violence are male.

White Ribbon Australia attacks Erin Pizzey

Soon after the creation of the site, AVFM handed it over to Erin Pizzey – founder of the first domestic violence shelter. Erin Pizzey now operates the site without any financial gain. This site is what white ribbon should be, helping victims of domestic violence regardless of their gender.

White Ribbon Australia have filed a complaint with the World Wide Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) over ownership of the domain. They want to take the site whiteribbon.org from Erin Pizzey. According to what they have put on their public record, the driving force behind their records is partially ideological.

A voice for men are seeking attorneys to defend Erin Pizzey in this case. They are doing a crowd funding project to raise funds for her case. Any additional funds raised will be donated by AVFM to an Australian based organisation dedicated to male victims of domestic violence.

White Ribbon Australia bullies a legend





  1. Good luck they are going to need it if they want to take domain away from someone who clearly owns it. We all know the white ribbon campaign has been sexist from the outset, at least the content on whiteribbon.org is gender neutral and not at all sexist.