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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Clementine Ford is on facebook ban exemption list

Clementine Ford is on Facebook ban exemption list

For a long time I have suspected that a Facebook Admin has put Clementine Ford on a ban exemption list. In other words, she...
Clementine Ford is close to breaking point

Clementine Ford is close to breaking point

In her latest article This is the personal price I pay for speaking out online, Clementine Ford plays the victim once again. However this time...

Feminists take down AFA Facebook page with 70,000 fans

Feminists have taken down the Anti-Feminism Australia page on Facebook which had reached 70,000 fans. On the 28th of June, thousands of feminists from...
Clementine Ford signs book with message of terrorism

Clementine Ford signs book with message of terrorism

Clementine Ford has signed a fan's copy of her book with the message "Have you killed any men today? And if not, why not?" If...

Cassie Jaye Triggers Feminists on Sunrise and The Project

Cassie Jaye is currently in Australia for the ICMI (International Conference on Men's Issues) conference on the Gold Coast. While in Australia, she was interviewed...


Our Watch, a government-funded and privately funded organisation, which focuses on violence against women and children. While I do agree that this in itself...
Fire Clementine Ford

New petition to fire Clementine Ford from Fairfax Media

Since the old petition has closed, its time to start a new one! Clementine Ford is the most infamous, man hating feminist in Australia. She...
school regrets inviting clementine ford

School regrets inviting Clementine Ford to give speech

Aquinas College in Melbourne recently invited misandrist Clementine Ford to to give a speech on misogyny to grade 10 students. After her man bashing speech, Clementine...
Our Watch

‘Our Watch’ group uses tax payer funding to push anti-male agenda

'Our Watch' is a feminist organisation that use Australian Taxpayer dollars to push their anti-male agenda. Their moto states "End Violence Against Women And...
usc the red pill

Feminists protest The Red Pill screening at University of Sydney

Feminists have protested outside The Red Pill movie screening at the University of Sydney (USU). It is believed that police have arrested one person...